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  1. Noob question: Can we change the orange system color? I tried a couple of themes but it keeps the orange flavor :( Also BT can pair with nokia and send music but not jpegs! Can't pair with PC
  2. Looks very good! Is it based on pure MIUI or it's a mix of Sense and MIUI?
  3. Let's hope this new RUU will meet our expectations since the first one. BT,camcorder,graphics glitches... On xda the new rom is worse than the previous one!
  4. Hello P. ! Did you try the speaker? I mean ringtones are now louder than usual quiet HTC devices? What would happen if the phone freeze because of a bad rom or mod and we can't pull the battery out?
  5. So as it looks right now 3 days before MWC that in spring season we will have an HTC quad named X One with 4.7'' HD screen and the Sony Xperia S 12mp with 4.3'' HD screen, unless if HTC surprises us in MWC of course! samsung will not release sgs3 before July/August and anyway it will be also a huge 4.7'' So are you interest in the Xperia S? I mean it has everything and with a right size of screen (quad will be useless for a good time). As for me I want to give it a try but only if devs like Paul will bake some good roms. Why htc is going 4.7''? next year it will be 5''? Haven't they understand that only a few want something as big as 4.7''?
  6. Trip is a genius but Paul is right! CM and MIUI roms are based on a network of devs, each of them using the help of the others to finalise superb roms. Trip is awesome in Android dev but he need some help from other devs to fix stability,BT,camera... problems we encountered in all his ported ICS roms. I was shocked to see he was working alone on all his roms! If he didn't want to share his sources with Modaco devs for a personal reason I can understand but he losed help and Paul's support :(
  7. Slowly but surelly we will get a full working CM9 thanks to Trip. I will not use it for daily rom before it gets BT, so I am gonna wait gently :)
  8. Yep Sense ICS roms are fully working but slow, hoping that Trip can use the leak for camera and BT fix and it will be the best rom on Sensation :rolleyes:
  9. Thsi could mean Trip will find an easier way to implement a working camera and BT? I really hope we will get a fully working rom by Christmas even if a little buggy :)
  10. Look very promising, specially for the speed gain! I hope it will get camera working (even if no 1080p) and BT because can't live without them for Christmas B)
  11. Omg! Didn't know ICS port was so good already, I hope we will have a nice surprise for Christmas with camera and BT
  12. Hello Paul! Please don't forget the Xperia Arc and Play. They are rooted and waiting for your first modaco rom on them :mellow: You are the only dev to have a new SE :o
  13. Can someone twitt Paul so he can work on a Rom for us please?
  14. Dude it will be very difficult to have Sense on a SE device, as I know Sense has never been ported to a device outside the HTC family. I already miss Sense and HTC apps too but Paul should give us a sexy rom too for the Arc, let's hope he is planning for us soon
  15. Ok guys! Root is done now :) We just have to wait for the return of the Jedi (P) on Tuesday so he can build the first? custom rom on Arc and Play
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