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  1. Hey guys checkout the agenda of the workshop to be held on 11th May 2010 in Sydney, Australia: http://codeofpartnership.com/agenda_sydney.html
  2. A panel of judges will review all of the contest entries, and choose the finalists and winners according to the following criteria: * Quality / Functionality: the application or service must be fully functional and run successfully on Nokia devices and platforms (Series 40, Nokia Symbian devices, or Maemo devices). * Uniqueness, novelty value and innovativeness: display creativity in applications, use established technology in a unique way. * Usability / Creativity: leverage latest technologies to demonstrate superior design and ease of use (UI, graphics, etc.) * Commercial Viability / Market Potential: ability to fulfill users' needs, customer adoption.
  3. Good news for all Mobile Developers, Learn how to create WRT & all about Qt. Be on your way to success with simplicity ! Explore two exciting technologies to be on your way to success. Attend Success with Simplicity Workshop by Forum Nokia to know all about how Web Runtime (WRT) extends the Web Browser in Nokia Devices to enable users to experience widgets. Discover how you as a developer can offer an optimized web experience that a user can access with a single click. Transform the web into a truly personal mobile experience. Discover integration with features of Symbian through Nokia Platform Services 2.0. The day will also feature a comprehensive overview of the Qt programming framework and how it helps overcome barriers to entry into mobile applications development. Discover the power of its APIs that work in a similar way to other desktop APIs. Explore how Qt delivers the same APIs for Symbian, Maemo, and desktop applications to benefit from: » Simplified Applications development in reduced time. » Multiple platforms portability for increased opportunity for application sales. For more info visit: http://www.codeofpartnership.com/home.html Thanks...
  4. Do you have an undying passion for technology and mobile applications? Are there creative ideas brimming in your head for long? Nokia Calling All Innovators contest has challenged developers all over the world to submit applications for use on Nokia devices. Developers can submit more than one application. But it is best that you send in your most impressive and best work in any of the four categories- Eco/Being Green, Entertainment, Productivity and Life Improvement. Last year, more than 1,700 submissions were received from developers. And this time too Nokia CAI contest is expecting a huge response. Last date for submissions is 18 May, 2010. Submissions of the applications will be accepted until 18 May 2010. So hurry up! For more details, check here: http://www.callingallinnovators.com/faq.aspx Cheers..
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