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  1. Great ROM... everything works as it should... smooooth BTW I got the U8800 mainly to use it as a modem/hotspot with 3's PAYG all you can eat data, but for some reason Wifi tethering wasn't enabled out of the box! So naturally root, recovery & flash was the answer ;)
  2. @flibblesan Great work mate! Trying to flash r7 (default kitchen options) provided in first post and keep getting a "can't open" (bad) error! :huh: any ideas why? any one else experiencing this? EDIT: problem solved by using another branded microSD!
  3. It seems a Chinese dude "GoApk" managed to crack the Incredible S and gain root access according to this thread over at XDA http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1008911 hope it's the real deal :D
  4. @Paul Did you try/consider XTC clip on your Incredible S!? Wondering if it will do the trick?
  5. Yes, as per today there is no "software" method to root Wildfire with HBOOT 1.01 There is no way to downgrade that HBOOT either Someone over at XDA managed to downgrade the Android version from 2.2 to 2.1 using a RUU BUT THE HBOOT remains the same so still can't be rooted http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=921752 The problem can be solved however by using an XTC clip(hardware) which will wipe all security data (S58) meaning you will get S-OFF, super CID and unlock.. and of course the device can be easily rooted then THE GOOD NEWS Paul fell into a phone4u trap yesterday and got the Wildfire with HBOOT 1.01 :( He does have the XTC clip but hopefully he will come up with a more accessible solution for the masses :(
  6. nerdo


    ^^ It would be nice if someone suggests a method to Odex (not de-odex!) a ROM before flashing it
  7. @jmotyka Just amazing work! Would definitely love to see more :( I know you stated this is for "Desire ROM" and not phone But I am so going to give it a go.... Keep it up mate!
  8. @Paul I have set up my own little microwavish kitchen, experiencing a bit ..... have loads to learn :angry: Interested in cooking MCK in a rom Correct me please: 1. split boot.img into boot.img-kernel and boot.img-ramdisk.gz 2. use boot.img-kernel from MCK to with my boot.img-ramdisk.gz to create my new boot.img 3. bake that with modules in my rom or can I just use MCK whole boot.img iin case of modding stock roms? Cheers
  9. Yes it would, if it works it should be easier and faster than r6-root method yes... And no....
  10. Well done... I did suspect this actually when trying it ONLY for permanent recovery but thought.... neeeh too easy :angry: But I guess it is that easy :D
  11. I would appreciate any input re adding (functioning) Android Market to a ROM that doesn't have it. Got it... grabbed Vending.apk from another ROM and copied it to system/app I also updated build.prop just to be on the safe side.... microwaved it and viola, it worked :angry:
  12. Check Noonski' post 355 or earlier 339 :)
  13. Well first what is your bootloader's version? If it is 0.80.xxxx which is very likely since nothing else showed up yet I would try flashing a downgrade to another official ROM and then give the rooting procedure a go!! You can try this (3 ROM I believe) RUU_Bravo_H3G_UK_1.20.771.3_Radio_32.36.00.28U_4.06.00.02_2_release_124822.exe a GoldCard is required for other WWE ROMs Good luck
  14. Can you kindly also provide a link in first post for Windows v as it's time consuming to try the latest one which doesn't work fully, then unroot to downgrade! Thanx :)
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