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  1. I was really sad when you stopped development on the Nexus One. But I understand, it is difficult to develop for multiple platforms (especially old ones :P). Your active participation in the Galaxy Nexus was one of my deciding factors to upgrade to this phone. Thanks again Paul.
  2. Eh, I must be blind. It is right in the pinned topics....
  3. I'm becoming more and more frustrated with Gingerbread and all the Gingerbread ROMs out there. They are all either bloated, slow, battery killers, or crash every other day and get stuck in a bootloop (MCR r26 included). Anyone know if the kitchen for Froyo is still online? I cannot find a thread for it. Basically, I want to build my old MCR r24 image which was fast, stable, and actually lasted me a full day before needing a charge. I no longer have the zip I originally built. :unsure:
  4. Had another random reboot loop today. Sadly, r26 is not yet stable for me :(. Going back to an AOSP Gingerbread which never rebooted on me.
  5. My uptime has been 30 hours since it happened. Hopefully doesn't happen again. Everything else is perfect so far. Excellent work Paul.
  6. Anyone else had any random reboot + reboot loops with r26? I was using the phone when it suddenly just started displaying the X animation and pausing and restarting the X animation over and over again. Had to pull the battery. First time I ever had a random crash like this. All previous modaco roms (and the AOSP gingerbread I was running) had never crashed before.
  7. Doesn't appear to be working. I can't patch the ROM (only lists r21 and when you try and patch manually it fails crc). Paul, maybe you could poke the TrackBall Alert dev to update support for r24?
  8. And a day later Paul releases r24! http://android.modaco.com/content/google-n...hen-2-2-frg83d/ Problem solved! Thanks Paul!
  9. I know this question is asked and is on many other peoples mind. But any plans to implement the FRG83D update into r22 or the upcoming r23? The Google update message on the custom ROMs is very annoying. After using the MoDaCo ROMs it will be hard to go back to stock. Can I throw some money your way for all your hard work? B)
  10. I was just coming to post a similar issue (stuck a boot screen) after using a baked r16. It worked fine for a couple days. Then I rebooted it and it never came up (stuck at boot screen). I will try baking a new one without the radio as suggested. Thanks for the info everyone! EDIT: New ROM without the radio booted right up and was able to reboot once fine also. Hope Paul can figure out the bug before finished release. Thanks to Paul and everyone again. I love these custom ROMs (waits eagerly for trackball color support) :(
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