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    Plantronics Customer Care Doesn't

    As much as it sucks, it's fairly standard these days to pay for return shipping. It doesn't matter if it's a $100 headset or $2000 laptop. You pay for returning it, they replace it. I can't think of any vendor I've seen in the last several years who do differently.
  2. I have a question/request for you regarding your reviews of the Plantronics 855, and (I believe your) review of the 903. Based on a review (I believe yours) of the 903, I ended up purchasing this unit. What I found was, that while the sound was great as long as the earpieces are perfectly positioned, that is rarely the case. Probably because of the shape of my ears. The "spout" design of the rubber tips on the 903 always end up pointed in the wrong direction to properly direct the sound INTO my ears. So, my request. If you still have the 855 and the 903 from your reviews, can you check & see if the earpieces from the 855 fit on the 903? I'd like to be able to find a pair plug those suckers in & be done with it rather than fighting the "spout" design supplied with the 903. Thanks in advance for your time.

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