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  1. Hello every one, So, any news about downgrading the radio on Tmo coverage? I read all the replies but no one posted, after the downgrade, if it the reception became better or not. I am using the original version of Nexus One, after trying Cyanigen's and Desire roms. Thanks in advance!!!! :)
  3. People, please... calm down... This is a serious forum where people come to find solutions and help one another... solve your personal issues with PM. "fi fi fi fi fi... don't worry.... be happy... uh uh uh uh...." "..don't worry be happy." :huh: :P
  4. 'Impossible'... that's the word... Impossible to keep up with so many cool phones and new technology that arise every second... damn it... :huh: But anyways... I bet our friends from here and from everywhere are working hard to make our Nexus One a better phone with the HTC Desire Rom. Thank you guys... and can't wait until we go from a Alpha version to a Beta version of this rom. Congrats everybody and feel supported by me and I guess from a lot of people who became a 'ad free' subscriber. Keep up the good work. :P
  5. Reaaaally smooth!!! Like it a lot. Congrats with the new phone. Can't wait until Nexus One holders can have something similar. Where are you P. Hehehehehehehe.... :P :huh:
  6. Is P. Back!?! ;) Just checking the new comments. How are you guys doing?! I wish I had more knowledge to help everybody... but I am new on all this... ;) I installed BW on my N1 and it works fine, but as someone said before, I don't see the full screen animations either.
  7. We are sure waiting impatiently for Paul's return. Can't wait to go back to the Desire ROM. I tried the A19 and R21, but I went back to Cyanogen for now. Really loved the Desire ROM from here. Hope that the next ROM can be more reliable, more stable and have all the bugs fixed. Way to go Paul... thanks for your great work. Hope you enjoyed your vacations... Hehehehehe.... you have a bunch of crazy people waiting for the next ROM version. Take care every one. May God bless us all!!! ;)
  8. Hey, did you just plug that info and it worked? My APN settings have these values and they don't work. Could you help me with that?! Thx! :(
  9. Hey everyone.... I've tried to follow these steps but, unfortunately, my MMS's are still not working. T-Mobile US. :P
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