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  1. Im having issues also. with either apps2sd script selected I get an infinate boot loop at the nexus screen..ddms shows hundreds of errors with something about dalvik cache not being found (i think) with no apps2sd script i dont get past the nexus boot screen. using ddms, I only get 3 lines in the log....and of course i cant remember what they were.. give me a few and I'll recreate -------------------update----------------- After full wipe using 1.6.2 this is what I got using ddms: ??-?? ??:??:??.???: INFO/<unknown>(<unknown>): --------- beginning of /dev/log/main 06-02 02:36:14.779: ERROR/logwrapper(58): executing /system/xbin/busybox failed: Permission denied 06-02 02:36:14.779: INFO/logwrapper(53): /system/xbin/busybox terminated by exit(255) tried with FULL wipe on a 100% FAT32 sdcard, and also after partitioning EXT4,swap,FAT32. Only haveing problems with this ROM though...Stock FRF50, and rodigezstyleModacoModRom workinf fine though
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