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  1. Any phone with a bottom mounted antenna will see signal degradation if you hold it down there. Take the iPhone for example. Mine drops 1-2 bars if I cover it with my hand, and it's as simple as learning to hold your phone near the top while talking on it or using it. I'm also thinking what you're seeing might just be a placebo effect, the signal is not any different than before, but since you've changed ROMs you're tricked into thinking that was it. The ROM itself wouldn't have updated the radio unless it states otherwise ( and it has to reboot twice during the flashing progress ). You can try getting better results with a newer radio, but it will not change the fact that putting your hand over the bottom of the phone will cause you to loose a bar or so. It's simply hard for the signal to transmit through your body, just as it is hard for the signal to pass through some metal piping/roofing in homes.
  2. You are holding the phone at the bottom. The antenna is down there, and your hand is making it harder for the antenna to receive a signal from the tower.
  3. We have an even more legitimate source that this isn't the final 2.2 as well. Here, look at the best reply on this support forum thread. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/andr...60d13&hl=en
  4. http://gizmodo.com/5543853/what-is-froyo Can't wait! EDIT: And now they say it was a typo...
  5. You will never, ever, ever, ever get an OTA now that your bootloader is unlocked... UNLESS someone in the future finds out a way to return the bootloader to locked. This is currently not possible at the moment with the Nexus One, and there isn't enough interest out there to really do it. It does not matter what ROM you are running, it is all about the unlocked bootloader. Now, normally ( and sometimes even BEFORE ) shortly after OTA updates come out, someone will share the update.zip with the community. You just place that on your SD Card and you get the update.
  6. You can do that, but OP was asking about Over The Air updates which you can NOT get if you're bootloader is unlocked.
  7. Are some of your music files in FLAC? It might be the file format of these songs that cause them to go missing from the default player.
  8. You DO realize that you're part of the Ad-Free group, right? And that the only thing you "subscribed" to was the ability to view MoDaCo without ads and the few additions such as the online kitchen use. No where on that sign up screen does it state that Paul updates things every hour/day/week/month or ever really. Before you guys started complaining, he was updating this rom almost every day. There is simply NO new additions he can make without HTC releasing the kernel for the Desire, period, end of story, stop complaining. You state that it has been six weeks, when it has barley entered the 5th week. And even still Paul has posted in THIS THREAD since then, stating exactly what he feels/knows. He has nothing more to add to the ROM at the moment. Do you want him to just change the thread title to "09/May Alpha r22"? Get over it. Not to mention I don't know if you even noticed the world ALPHA in the thread title. That alone should be a flag that it shouldn't be used for every-day usage. It isn't a fully polished ROM. Now then, to the rest of the people that are patient enough to wait. Thanks for keeping this thread as it should be. Simply report issues as you find them, then hush and wait for them to get fixed. Paul, keep up the good work and we're excited for when HTC gets off their butts and releases the kernel. Does anyone know if that 60 day limitation for open source is true?
  9. Anyone else having a problem with alarms on R21? It seems that it only happens if I've restarted my phone, but they just won't go off even though there's the active alarm symbol in the upper right near the clock at the top. They're also listed as active in the HTC Worldclock app. I've had it happen two days in a row now, and the only way I can get an alarm to work is to delete it if it didn't go off and make a new one.
  10. I pushed the APK itself into system/app and still got the same error with Astro when trying to install the file. I then tried to install it from ADB itself in command prompt using adb install Mail.apk I can see it sends the full Mail.apk in just a second, and says that the pkg is in /data/local/tmp/Mail.apk and gives me an error stating Failure "install_parse_failed_unexpected_exception"
  11. Make sure your wireless settings do not enable turning off the wireless antenna when the phone goes to sleep/screen turns off. That behavior is enabled by default and can be corrected by going into Settings -> Wireless and then pressing the menu key to get into the advanced settings.
  12. We want the exact opposite from what you do. We WANT the HTC mail on CM, not the vanilla mail on Desire. ;) I'm a sysadmin and need exchange support, and the exchange support that the HTC mail gives is just... AMAZING. Better than ANY mobile mail client I have ever used, bar none. If battery life on the Desire ROM didn't suck so much I'd just use it, but I love my CM battery life, just miss my HTC Mail. I think I'm going to try the opposite of what you did, find the mail.apk on the desire's rom and try to install it. Does anyone know if installing another mail.apk while the current one is installed will cause adverse effects? Or shall I just say eff-it and do it. EDIT: Already tried it, fails to install when you open the APK. I tried Astro File Manager. Any tips? other files I need to copy?
  13. Desire is a JOKE if you want battery life. I ran R20 for a few days, and I'm a sysadmin so I needed exchange mail via push 24/7. After an 8-10 hour day I would be needing to charge my phone. I've swapped over to Cyanogen's latest and now after 8-10 hours on push exchange I still have 50-58% battery life. Too bad the vanilla Android mail client sucks and all other marketplace apps suck compare to the Desire mail app. I wish someone could port over the APK.
  14. Nexus One with a flash, just because of the EDGE vs 3G debate. The Desire ROM is NOT perfect right now, especially bluetooth problems and things of that nature, but for an alpha build it's amazing. Give it more time and it will be as polished as Cyanogen or the MoDaCo custom.
  15. I have an AT&T N1 and had NO issues at all. Our N1's shipped with the latest radio update the one, there's even a thread about people downgrading that to an older version because of reception issues. This firmware did not update the phone's radio at all, no matter what.
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