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    omnia ii gt-i8000 16gb
  1. no need. use octans mini and just add only the nb0 file. after flash do a hard reset again to get rid of bugs that appear only when you do not perform a hard rest after every flash.
  2. cant install office in Energy.OMNIA.21916.Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0.sencity.Dec.02 anyone encountered this same problem? can you include office in your next rom. i really need it.
  3. start/setting/samsung setting/display and light/brightness edit: opps sorry i thought it wasnt on lockscreen. theres no setting for that unless you install other lockscreen like s2u2
  4. dec 1 sense uploaded in titanium link. no cookie though... thanks master nrgz. still waiting for your cookie 2.0 :P
  5. im using Energy.OMNIA.21916.Sense2.5.Cookie.2.0.sencity.Nov.14 can anyone help me. doesnt ring when someone calls. i tried setting ringtones in samsung, winmo and htc setting but still it doesnt ring when someone call. just have the screen of incoming call with ignor and answer to slide. no sound.
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