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  1. Hi Steff, I installed your rom and seems better than all other available ROMS. I use google MAPS with Latitude but SAMSUNG Keyboard does not allow to type user and password while signing in. And there is no option available to select any other keyboard. Please help.
  2. AzharMahmood

    i617/i616 WM 6.5 ROM Discovered!

    Hi I've flashed my BJ-II with NhatHoa-Build 19208 Clean Rom. Everything is working fine but whenever I try to install GoogleMaps, it says "Installation of GoogleMaps.CAB was unsuccessful". Before flashing I was using google maps on it. Other CAB files are working fine. Please help. When I try to flash it with "BlackJack_WM6_1MR_Upgrade_For_XP.exe" , it says S/W version is wrong. I disabled firewall and antivirus but no success. And let me know if I can flash it with WM6.5 and where can I find latest WM6.5 ROM for my i617 ?
  3. I am using i617 BJ-II in Pakistan. Everything is working fine but when I try to send a text message, it shows an error:- The message was not sent to one or more recipients. To verify addresses and network coverage, select Retry. To save to Drafts, select Cancel. I noticed that message options are also disabled while composing a message. Please help

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