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  1. have you tried an OLED ony ROM? this is what i want to try next. There was also one more person in this thread who also had the issue of a new digitizer stop working after a rom flash
  2. i also had this problem when flashing a new ROM. i cant get it to work again even with stock or custom :) any ideas? was a brand new digializer that worked a day and then i rooted and installed CM7 and it hasnt worked since anway of telling if its the actual hardware or software thats stopped working?
  3. Thanks for the help. I actually have opened this phone to change the digitalizer only this morning. Everything worked perfect until i installed CM7 so i guess there is no replacement for me as there was a small white sticker over a screw
  4. OP i have had this EXACT problem today with a new digitalzer and then upgrading the gen 2. VERY strange indeed
  5. its very strange from the moment i installed CM the screen didnt work. I then used that converter and it worked again but thenstopped after 10 minutes. Whats the ebst method to get back to stock with this then as its now gen 2? alsi got the phone back in September so i doubt i will even get an exchange
  6. it did work for 10 minutes and then it stopped again. just installed sweedish rom and thats the same! so i go back to gen 1 and if its still the same then i guess the screen is broken :)
  7. when will the gen 2 back to gen 1 link be back? i cant get any of the CM roms to work properly. My touch screen just doesnt respond
  8. i spoke too soon as my touch screen doesnt work now what is the latest nightly that that works well with gen2?
  9. brilliant all up and running now it seems. using n42. are there some bugs in this becuase i hear people talk about gps issues
  10. latest stable. the android logo didnt go off so i wiped it all and tried a re flash but it still isnt working. hopefuully using your gen 2= gen 1 tool will work later
  11. so i managed to get into recovery with the new files wiped all data and flashed the new CM7 but the phone seems to be stuck on the android logo now. how long does this normally take?
  12. the new file got me into recovery! going to try flash cm7 now. thanks a lot for the update i was very worried at one point
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