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  1. I've got the latest firmware. Is there a way to reduce the lag? If I use one of the cooked mods, would that make a significant difference? Would freeing RAM do anything? The hardware is good but the OS just plain sucks. Everytime I press on anything, there's always a delay.
  2. It actually take away the half-press AF. The subject says "no AF". Relax alright? Maybe some other guy have AF problem and might find this useful.
  3. I don't know. Wipe the lens to make sure it's clean. If that doesn't work, reset your phone to factory default. If that doesn't work, take it to the service center.
  4. It's not a bug. You changed the up/down control on the settings. The delay bar setting should be all the way to the left while the repeat rate should be all the way to the right.
  5. I tried this and it works a bit. Thanks! But now I have to leave the performance to "high" all the time now. I wonder how this would affect the battery life.
  6. Same here. It takes 8 seconds (4 rings) for my phone to wake up and make its first ring. I think either or both the OS and phone are laggy.
  7. I woke up late because of this! I found a solution. Delete all the "wake up alarm" and just use the "alarm" option, that one works. Just rename it to "wake up alarm".
  8. I use the stylus often because I got fat fingers. I think the stylus is not so good on the screen. Even though I use it lightly (not pressing hard), I have several scratches on my screen already and I've only been using it for 2 weeks.
  9. Is it my imagination or does this ROM just slightly, slightly improved the lag a bit? PDA: B7610NXXJC2 CSC: B7610NXEUIL4 (UK) Phone: B7610XXJC1
  10. There are some stock apps that I don't need. I want to delete them to clean up space. Apps like Opera 9 that came with the phone by default. How can I delete that cleanly? If I just delete the entire folder, would the Opera icon still be there on screen?
  11. What's the latest csc file for the english keyboard without the weird stuff? Daskalos is using B7610NXTCIL3, I'm assuming that's the latest one? Where can I get it?
  12. Guys need help here. The colon and apostrophe on the QWERTY keyboard is typing a different symbol. My language is set at English UK. Is this a bug?
  13. Any more comment on this ROM? Did it improve the speed? Free up more RAM?
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