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  1. when i got my galaxy nexus i kept it 2 weeks stock and i wanted to keep it like this ... but one guy told me that my phone didnt deserve to be stock ;). its poor with the stock rom ... thats why after sometime you will root and install a custom rom to ur phone advice ? install custom rom ;) .. about the memory or battery pls dont complain at all ... i am pretty sure u did read well the specs before u buy this phone ... if u wanna have fun with it then just accept it how it is and live with it .. have fun by rooting :P
  2. At this price i would get it just with 32 GB internal memory ...
  3. 4.2 is key lime pie not jelly bean
  4. 2100 mah is the same as original battery ! And its a battery from Samsung . The other Batteries with 2500+mah are from other companies and they are thick . I was asking 3 months in which one should i get until someome told me " get the Gnex " " the battery lasts like every other phone" " get the Gnex ,you will not regret" And he was right !
  5. Galaxy nexus has no battery drain .... My opinion - Dont even think twice but get the Galaxy nexus . Listen To me and dont get any HTC device(Good quality but many htc phones have some problems . I moved from blade To Galaxy nexus and i am glad i did ;) . Having a great hybrid Rom installed gives me 1.5+ day battery (normal use ) you can buy a battery 2100mah which gives you few More hours battery :) Galaxy nexus =great phone = great support = fun :)
  6. yes but cm7.1 or cm7.2 were stable versions Froyo=cm6 , GB=cm7 , ICS=cm9 so why should not Jelly Bean be CM10?? you are afraid it doesn't go more than CM10 :P ?? @viv1m : you opened a thread for nothing ... exciting other people when watching the title of this thread and once they read it they get dissapointed from silly questions
  7. yes but the point i am asking is if the battery keeps just around 31 hours with normal usage(like it shows on some pages )?
  8. i know it's been posted today but how is battery life with this rom for the few hours it's been tested?? can someone tell me also how is battery life with the stock rom (normal usage )?? thanks
  9. I am planning to upgrade also and i am thinking to get the Galaxy nexus or Huawei d quad xl (will be released in the next 3 months) So the question is : Should i wait for Huawei or should i get the Galaxy nexus ?? The only thing i dont like on the Nexus is It doesn't support sdcard slot ..
  10. a phone for £100 and you want high resolution screen?? ho give £380 for a huawei ascend D quad xl ;)
  11. back up your rom and give this a try ;) we can't know how much u use your phone or what u do with it .i know u explained little bit but maybe u dont like it and blame us :P
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