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  1. Hello. Let me try to wake this thread... I just bought a Blade A512 wich is bought from vodafone here in PT. Is there a way to root it and remove the bloatware? i search and search and couldn't find any cfw for this phone, do you know if there's any? Thank you for reply.
  2. Like a charm I was wondering if i ever could root and unlock my phone, tried them all and nothing but this one worked. Thank you very much.
  3. i only have the modified version and the link to the complete version is off can someone please upload it so i can install it. Thanks in advance Regards Artur
  4. Thank you i've just updated both PDA and .csc files with octan but i don't know how to update PHONE I8000XXJD1.bin. Can someone please tell me how do i do it? Regards Artur
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