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  1. what do u guys think about this rom and this one: http://www.modaco.com/topic/357350-cm72finalimproved-for-liquid-a1liquid-e/ Which one is faster?
  2. Edit: Things are even worse now. I cannot boot into either system, which end ups in boot loop. For TWRP recovery!! It freezes at the "TEAMWIN" boot splash and nothing happen.. How can I save my phone :(
  3. Help! I've some problem with a2sd. After I turn on a2sd on liquidparts, reboot, everything works fine for a while. The situation was when I was using the stock browser, it force closed and then I found that I could not open some of the apps that had been moved to SD card, like facebook, superusers, they kept force close. How can I solve this problem?
  4. http://www.modaco.co...de/page__st__20 Dmitriy K.'s SRSFIX.zip, works like a charm!!!!!! I can install equalizer now :D By the way, thanks for all the devs' great work. It's been more than three years since the phone was released and I really appreciate you guys are still working on developing roms, keeping our Liquid updated and push it to limit. From 1.6 ->2.1->2.2 and now 2.3.7 and even 4.0!
  5. Just flashed the rom, it's really fast (may be it's newly flashed? :P ) but what a pity that DSP manager is not working in rom V2 :( do u guys can recommend any good equalizer?
  6. Thanks a lot for great help ma7moud, just saw your easy install package in previous pages :P Moreover, if I want to restore my old rom, I need to install malez recovery back and do nandroid restore? :huh: btw, just installed the Beats4Liquid on my Liquid t&l 2.2, not so sure whether it is in effect. As I cannot see any configurations for beats audio, may I know whether I can do config on CM7.2? ^_^ http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?od11ql6zhbac3eb
  7. Got it, but how can I install TWRP? As I'm not using CM9/CM7.2/MIUI v4, gooManager will work and it will replace my malzeRecovery? Thanks!
  8. guys, I'm still using kernel 2.6.29, malzerecovery and t&l rom, may I know how to upgrade my kernel to 3.x and install twrp? Thanks a lot for your help !
  9. can I upgrade my kernel without flashing a new rom?
  10. kernel: 2.6.29 baseband A1-05.01.04 I'm using the t&l rom how can I know what is my cpu governor? I set it ondemand
  11. My phone sometimes locks up randomly when I overclocked it to 883Mhz <_< and throw me the apanic log saying that: "Kernel Panic - not syncing: Fatal Exception". I have several times that my phone locks up when I was sleeping. It simply drained all my battery away. I am wondering what happened? May be I got a poor CPU? :(
  12. am5a03

    [ROM 2.2] t&l

    oh... I'm sorry to hear that buddy, your rom is just great. Hopefully there is someone who still have a copy :(
  13. hi lgcmn, thanks for the t&l rom, however, I have messed my liquid up after flashing some patches. Could you please re-upload the t&l rom again? I found the links were dead. Thank you very much!

  14. am5a03

    [ROM 2.2] t&l

    Help! Do u guys still have the link for the t&l rom? It seems that multiupload is dead and I need this rom :(
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