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  1. I have the SDK but that file doesn't seem to work for me. How do I "ensure connectivity with adb"?
  2. I want to basically have some sort of program that "displays" my phone on my PC and lets me interact with it as if I were using the real phone -- only on my PC. Is this possible?
  3. But if I just went ahead and installed Froyo right now (I assume it auto-uninstalls CM), what would I lose?
  4. Right now I have an unlocked/rooted Nexus One running Cyanogenmod with apps like trackball coloring, wireless tether, nexus one torch, etc -- once Froyo comes out, is there any way I can "run both" of them together somehow or does Cyanogen have to somehow integrate the upgrades of Froyo? If I switch from Cyanogenmod to Froyo, will I lose my other rooted apps? Froyo looks really appealing to me but I am not entirely sure what I'd be losing
  5. In my Cyanogenmod I noticed I have an Apps2SD but it's greyed out. Do I need to reflash to get this feature? I only have a bit over 100 MB on my internal storage but a few GB on my card.
  6. How can I check my usage thus far (I don't have a contract)?
  7. I am currently using an Unlocked Nexus One with a TMobile Even More Plus data plan (500 minutes voice, unlimited text, unlimited data) -- will this ever change? Will I get charged extra for tethering, for instance?
  8. I have most of those apps already as far as I can see. I'm just curious if there are any good apps that people like that I may not be using, especially as a Root user. Some Root progs I have: Wireless Tether for Root Users SetCPU N1 Torch Open Home Trackball Alert Are there any other good ones? Some other "cool apps" I use: Adfree Advanced Task Killer AIM Aldiko Barcode Scanner BatteryTime Lite Better Keyboard CM Updater GMote Google Sky Map Google Translate Handcent Messenger Ibox Icons Pandora Qik Ringdroid ROM Manager Shazam Speed Test Terminal Emulator Voice Voice Dialer/Voice Search Youtube What else might you guys recommend, especially regarding Root user programs?
  9. Can I install the zip for Cyanogenmod onto my current ROM for this camera or do I absolutely need to reflash? I don't want to lose all my stuff again.
  10. Is this like a souped up Cyanogen ROM? What comes with it that is normally not included?
  11. Was not my intent to come off that way -- I had stated that the settings clearly indicated that sync was on from the getgo, which was what I was getting at. I didn't mean to imply any lack of gratitude otherwise as I do appreciate your help.
  12. You know, there wouldn't be much point to a forum if everyone just said "Go Google it." I am asking on these forums to ensure that I have up-to-date information (as opposed to accidentally acquiring incorrect versions from outmoded pages), and I'm curious of the opinions of those on this board for their preferred apps. Anyone else have any input?
  13. I am currently rooted with the latest Cyanogenmod. I've already installed apps like Better Keyboard, Open Home, SetCPU, N1 Torch, AdFree, Trackball Alert, Beautiful Widgets, Cyanogenmod Update, etc, but I'd like to be able to use things like Wireless Tether (I can't find it in the Market). In addition, I'd love to know of your favorite apps. I really want to get the most out of my phone.
  14. Maybe I am using the wrong jargon then -- I know it isn't syncing properly because I can send myself an email on the computer and it sometimes won't pop up the notification on my phone unless I manually refresh the Gmail inbox on my phone. The sync settings for everything are on, active, and roaring, but for some reason they actually aren't updating my inbox like they were before. I got it working again by using the Task Manager to delete my stored mail data or whatever it's called, but I'd ideally like the problem to be permanently fixed.
  15. I want my friends to be able to listen to whatever I am playing/broadcasting. Possible?
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