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  1. Try out 2.3.3 JVO or configured according to your choice from romkitchen.org [ has froyo roms ] or romkitchen.org/beta [ for gingerbread roms ]
  2. Its hard to believe that it would be FROYO but if it is, its damm exciting. Lets wait and see. Please post about your update, RAM and experiences after you update.
  3. hello Guys, For those of you who were disappointed yesterday about froyo getting delayed till october, guess what! it is coming this month itself. Not for everyone, but to T-mobile Uk customers. This was posted by Engadget.com just now. Here's the link for some sweet Froyo news: http://www.engadget.com/2010/09/22/samsung...le-uk-customer/
  4. check out the JM8 firmware from XDA...it is currently the latest 2.1 firmware...internal release not the official one. its very good. Please read about the firmware completely before flashing.
  5. hi, one way is to reboot your phone with Volume UP + home buton + power button combo and select entire wipe / factory reset option
  6. hi man, sorry for replying late, its a Dell travel bluetooth mouse. here's the link, http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/product...mp;sku=310-9157
  7. yes. its working. i am using my Dell bluetooth mouse and it works flawlessly. i am usig JPH
  8. yeah. the same problem were faced in JPC ROM, but for some users like me, it didnt change anything like IMEI, i understand that JIT is enabled in this one. i dont see any noticable difference between 2.1 and 2.2 apart from FLASH. Just like recent unofficial updates, Music listening through earphones is great. i guess what we really want is complete bug fixes (hope they do it)
  9. hey i never knew this. if its true, does it mean we dont have to always kills the processes in the background?
  10. Hi Guys, I am really surprised that no one over here mentions about this firmware. maybe we all are part of XDA, but we have to make this forum as interesting and updated as possible. I am just pointing towards the posts posted in XDA community. A very big thanks to all of them for making it available to us. official thread at XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=783403 Its better to read the entire instructions to avoid any issues later. Instructions to download from kies (its slow but its easy) : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=8156558&postcount=206 Please post your comments and bugs after you have upgraded it.
  11. hi guys, thanks for the replies. i have got hold of the headphones, All the buttons dont work with the samsug default player and the android default player. we can make calls and listen to music but the buttons are useless. is it really a hardware thing? or some software compatibility issue? if its a software issue, can we create any music app that works with this buttons? (wishful thinking ;0 )
  12. i have heard that Samsung and Nokia headsets are designed in the same way and HTC and others are designed in a different way. is it true? i am going to a nokia priority store and test these things myself. anyone else who used nokia wired headsets for making calls, please posr your reply.
  13. Hi guys, Can someone please tell me whether we can use the Nokia WH-701 Stereo Headset for making calls and change music tracks with the Samsung galaxy S I9000? the default samsung one is of poor quality for listening to music and it doesnt have individual keys to change music tracks. it also doesn't fell good when plugged in. Its plastic doesn't feel smooth. can you please tell any wired hands-free with music controls that work with samsung galaxy S? I would love to buy this Nokia set if its works with our phone.
  14. This is annoying sometimes but its there in the newer JPC firmware too....but i guess its not a problem really...
  15. hey guys, i tried to cope up with the phone too...i bought this phone for its awesome hardware without noticing one simple thing....this phone never had what i really needed from a phone. i love PSP like gaming on a mobile...carrying PSP is a big pain....Samsung Galaxy with an awesome graphics chip provides amazing gaming experience...its a real treat to have that phone. I have just sold my B7610 few days ago....and getting a galaxy S. Each phone has its own advantages and disadvantages....u have to figure out what u want in the phones and can live with its negatives... also, all phones are getting pretty outdated very quickly...having the phone for one year is a big thing these days....am talking abt geeks here like me :)
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