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  1. JimJam707

    Unofficial Pulse Off-Topic Thread

    Best Thread
  2. JimJam707

    [DEV][ROM][1.8.] CAF Firefox OS - B2G

    Nice work KonstaT, glad to see your taste in phones is as good as mine! (previous blade owner -> moto g)
  3. JimJam707

    Unofficial Pulse Off-Topic Thread

    No, you're the old one
  4. JimJam707

    Unofficial Pulse Off-Topic Thread

    This thread is 11 pages of memories.
  5. Well, JB is coming to the Nexus(es? Nexi?) mid July, so I would presume that AOSP would be updated around then too.
  6. Guys, the extras folder is full of apps that don't get flashed if your partition is too small.
  7. Use FasterGPS to give your phone a gps.conf file appropriate to your location. Also, Surface Dithering was turned on automatically by the update. Turn this off to get back the smooth ui from 31/05
  8. I agree with you for the most part, but I believe having it as an option means that if an app crashes and refuses to co-operate it makes it so much easier to terminate it, rather than juts pressing home.
  9. JimJam707

    The BEST Launcher

    Apex for ICS, ADW EX for GB.
  10. Can't wait for the next build, Lockscreen weather just got merged into CM9!
  11. I'm pretty sure we're all his spare testers really.
  12. I tried 15/05 but the home button didn't work for me :C It's a TFT Orange SanFransisco if it helps

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