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  1. You sir, from above...a BIG thank you! And of course a HUGE one to those 4: - almar (Marc) - bsbsbs (Sándor) - Egon - phj (János)
  2. - untouched My Storage with automatic installer content Done - ext4.tar.gz from manual install package Done - at least 2GB SD card (class 6 at least will be enough) with one FAT32 partition or with 2 partitions (FAT32 + ext2/3/4) Done I don't know what is wrong :/
  3. I tried that, didn't work But now the problem isn't that it's not booting I can't install the android from the beginning At some point at the black screen when it's extracting it's like stopping...i left it for about 1 hour and it didn't move on
  4. Hey guys! I had installed CM Beta2 on SD card and my O2 was working fine for some time Suddenly, one day I tried to launch android but it couldn't go past the green logo screen It just kept loading and loading and didn't boot no matter how many times I tried I formated my phone and the SD card and tried to install CM Beta2 from the beginning but it didn't work It stays on the black screen with the letters and numbers and nothing is happening...as if the process stops at some point Any help? :(
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