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  1. Try to use 9600 Baud Rate. You can also update your XTRA data. I'm using Ndrive and it's ok. the first fix takes about 3min the other about 15seconds
  2. With S3Clock it's shows 800mhz but I don't know. And I have the same opinion omnia 2 should be better for the hardware it have. :S I don't understan why, but diamond 2 from htc it's a lot faster and have worse specifications. :s
  3. I think the same. but if you change the performance to high or maybe use the Daskalos Easy Set S3Clock to overclock your phone. with the sense the differences are huge.
  4. try other CSC maybe will help... daskalos do you have cab for your sense? I'd like to test it on my lite rom. thnks and good work
  5. daskalos you have some kind of files that we must have installed to easey set s3clock works properly? or just install? I've change the rom and now it's worse than before.:x
  6. tested your easy set s3clock and seems to work great Thnks. I'm waiting for your rom
  7. works great on my i8000 with my own rom :angry: thnks a lot
  8. no. JE3 it's based on 6.5.3 if you want taskbar on the top you have to choose one rom based on 6.5. lastest is JE2
  9. galaxy S2 will be able to run windows 7 lol if that specs still
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