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  1. Wall indeed... I will do 1 brick only... Not sure what you mean by APP2SD+ I know app2sd which is the google way and app2ext which is the way cyanogen and other script used to work. if you mean the total data move, I do not find it performing well on my N1 You can also use Magpie to get Cyan 6.1 with integrated app2ext support. So you can use app2sd with any genuine google rom froyo and up. As for the rooting When I decided to root my handset there was no such thing as 1 click root, so I never bothered about those method...
  2. Ok so if I understand correctly you plan to put it in your back pocket and sit on it ???? Funny, I wonder if you plan to put it in the same pocket as your key...
  3. Nice thread and info, I do not have an Iphone, but there's definitely some good stuff there! I also dislike the cut and paste implementation as well as the sideways browsing since almost two third of the screen is lost to toolbar or way to big box frame... I think the Iphone win there too.
  4. You can deep discharge the battery as much as you want, what I am saying is that you are loosing a charge cycle (or 3/4 of a full cycle whatever) for no reason that can't be fixed by regular charges over a week period...
  5. I re flashed with a new rom kept IME and now the menu is there, somehow my previous installation went wrong I also noticed that since the FRF series rom Swype is working right away, I was used to uninstall and reinstall it
  6. A Lithium battery should NEVER be fully discharged period, it will destroy the battery life. As for calibration, it is usually based on a new battery, new battery are shipped with 37% charges (it's the point where the battery self-discharges the least) so a discharges to 30% should be a good point to recalibrate (Recalibration MAY be needed on badly designed charger/battery or with generic battery) As for the charges goes yes as many as you want so usb and other charging sources are welcome! (unless they are not able to supply enough current which is not a problem unless you use exclusively this source. This is why most docking provide an external supply) If your battery doesn't hold a charges try making longer charge/discharges cycle and at different rate for a few day then go back to charging as often as you can (each day, twice a day) P.S. Recalibration is need more on a laptop due to the physical organization in series of the battery cell (6-9 etc) where each cell can charges differently and discharges into each other, cell phone battery are not organized this way.. there's a very good post there on battery http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=669497 no urban legend...
  7. Thanks, but the menu is not popping up, I re flashed without the keyboard, maybe due to the fact I did not wipe
  8. I have flashed a custom rom from the kitchen no problem, then I wanted to try HTC IME instead of my default swype keyboard (was working fine) No problem with that, but I can not disable IME since there's no checkbox in the setup so I am not able to re-enable swype Is there another way to switch the input back to swype I am not familliar with htc keyboard hack but I did not see anything in the menu... Look to me that the online kitchen offering HTC IME has a bug since I can't disable it thanks P.S. I know I can reflash without it, just trying to save another flash..
  9. Is it a normal behavior on the samsung to side scroll the app from left to right ? If not the it mean you are using another launcher, I would try to run the phone without it for a while...
  10. Thanks for the direct link, it allowed me to understand that the kitchen are hosted on another domain and that NO SCRIPT was preventing me from seeing them!!! I guess a few people who use NO SCRIPT wonder about the kitchen too... there should be a sticky somewhere...
  11. A few people where having issue with data entered in the proxy or under the access point section also try dialing *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer and checking to make sure your phone settings are "WCDMA preferred"
  12. I wonder about the online kitchen, I must be blind, is there any info on how to access this somewhere ???
  13. Maybe you should try on a french speaking board, btw caps = shout anywhere and in any language translation Tu devrait essayer sur un board francais, et au fait ecrire en majuscule c'est crier partout et dans toutes les langues! tousse = tousser = coughing tous = all prototipe = prototype dotre = d'autre = Other meder = m'aider = to help g pas pu résister, I wasn't able to resist to so many typo...
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