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  1. PCNemy, thank you so much for your post and sorry that I didn't reply earlier. I actually use another way to update to Gingerbread and works fine so far. Thanks again for your effort to make it easier for us
  2. crawler9, I am trying to update my Nexus one to Gingerbread and follow PCNemy instruction on another thread and change my firmware to 2.1. Is it possible I can follow your instruction here to upgrade my firmware to Gingerbread? Please advise. Thanks Thanks!
  3. @PCNemy It works! Thanks for your tip to check Device Manager as I see I have a ! on Android phone and I followed your instruction to update driver and now I can see the ADP Interface-HTC Bootloader. I am able to execute the kulrun and now I am update on 2.1 but like you said.. N1 didn't see a firmware update so I cannot do anything now... @Jason Patel Thanks for your help. Can you give me some instruction as how to use those zip files? I think I am getting closer as you see from above but still not there yet. Many thanks for both of you, esp PCNemy for the great tool! I can smell the gingerbread!! =)
  4. @Jason Patel Yes, just a blank line and back to the directory prompt...
  5. I already holding down the tracakball and in the white menu with "FASTBOOT USB" but still the Kulrun is still on "waiting for device". What did I do wrong? Please help! My White Menu (I guess that is the Fastboot menu) I have these following: NEXUSONE PVT SHIP S-ON HBOOT-0.33.0012 MICROP-0b15 TOUCH PANEL-SYNT0103 RADIO 0- DEC 17 2009, 13:05:23 FASTBOOT USB <VOL UP> to previous item <VOL DOWN> to next item <POWER> to select item BOOTLOADER REBOOT REBOOT BOOTLOADER POWER DOWN I hope all these information will be enough for someone kind enough to help me analyze my problem. THANKS MILLION!!!
  6. I tried to follow the instructions on the readme and also on the forum but I am stuck at the DOS screen saying waiting for device. Seems like the phone didn't see N1 connected to the PC... I already installed the latest Android SDK and the Java SDK and I also followed your first instruction. What have I done wrong and what should I do now? My Android version is 2.2.1 and is using r21 MoDaCo Custom Rom. You mentioned that I can install from the Drivers folder.. Am I installing it on the PC or on the phone memory card? Where should I put those files? "Make sure the bootloader drivers are properly installed or this will not work at all." - how do I know if I installed properly? I am pretty rookie on this and anyone who can share some light is truly appreciated! Thanks PCNemy for your tool!
  7. Just want to ask, is this release fix the wifi hotspot issue? Thanks again for your continuous improvement on rom.
  8. I originally posted about wifi hotspot issues but found someone already talked about it. Thanks and just want to say I am happy to use the MoDaCo rom since I got my Nexus One and now I proud sponsor! Keep it going, Paul and everyone!
  9. Thanks for the instructions. Works like a charm! :rolleyes:
  10. Thank you for your response. I did read the thread (though I admit I didn't search) and saw that it said bluetooth does not work reliably.. but to me it sounds like it will connect my jawbone headset but it might drop my call or connection. I didn't know it just meant it doesn't work at all. Anyway, I am glad people response to my question even it didn't sound so good though.. ;)
  11. Hi, I flashed my N1 with r21 Desire ROM, and I cannot connect my Jawbone headset. Is the bluetooth completely not working on r21 rom or I did something wrong when flashing? I already wipe all data then install the rom. Any suggestion/advice? Do I have to wait for r22 to resolve this? Thanks.
  12. Thanks so much for your response.. can you give me detail instruction where and how to fix it? alpha 2 of modaco desire rom? i should wipe everything using the recovery menu? I am so scare now that I need step by step instruction. Sorry to ask too much but I just want to gain my N1 back. THANKS A MILLION :P
  13. I am a very happy Nexus One owner and got the phone just 2 weeks ago. Today I decided to flash it to HTC Desire ROM hoping to gain more of the phone. Every steps goes through fine and able to reboot properly.. until I download the r21 with MoDaCo Additions. I ran the recovery mode and flash without any problem, but when I restart the phone.. BANG! the HTC screen (with 'quietly brilliant' animation) is up and up and up... never ends... I tried to go to recovery menu and flash the same zip file.. no help. Any brilliant mind able to help me out? Am I bricked? I am scare but I have hope on you guys to help me out! PLEASE HELP!
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