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  1. Hi, I am using Froyo from this post http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1040025 The installation happens properly. However, everyday after sometime (yes, i have been installing it everyday for last 10 days!), the device just dies. I have to take out the battery and then reinstall android. Any help? Pointers? I read somewhere that this is called as SOD (sleep of death) and it is because of Froyo Beta version (and that is why we need Call Light app too) but didn't find any solution. I just love android but cannot use it because of this problem. I have Samsung Omnia i8000. Rgds, Rahul
  2. I have taken the latest build and the updates from Andrion Omnia Info thread and I have installed those on my omnia. I have some problems/questions: 1) Why do you need SD card? It installs OS on SD card? I guess yes. Then if I don't have SD card then can I install it on My Storage - again yes, I presume but why is the procedure so complicated? 2) How do I sync up my Outlook contact WITHOUT syncing them up with google? I have tried QTADB, Droid Explorer but none works. None of them can detect my device on win 7. Do you know of any correct USB driver? 3) My phone heats up after using android for sometime. Any idea why? Bad SD card? 4) If I power off from Android and then start again via WinMo->Haret on My Storage - does it restore the settings I made in the phone (like date? wallpaper change? etc? 5) How do I create playlists in android? In WinMo Omnia, the player updates library? How do i do this in android? Guys, please answer. I have read almost all the posts in this thread but have not got satisfactory answers! And hence this post. ;) Btw the more I use Android, the more I have started liking it. So I want to make it work on my phone! ;)
  3. Hi, I am trying to install eclair on my omnia 2 and I am repeatedly getting "Not enough space on SD card" error. I have 1GB SD card formatted and inserted in the slot. Any idea why this is happening?
  4. FYI. I just flashed the ROM again as I couldn't find any solution to it :lol:
  5. I have Omnia i8000. Yesterday I kept my phone on a table and watched it waking up on its own (i.e. lock screen appears) and then it sleeps after a minute or so (i.e. screen turns off) and this was going on for sometime. Any idea why this is happening? I am using native Samsung lockscreen (from WM 6.1 rom).
  6. Hey, I didnt disable the dialer. I just overwrote the file. May be that is why it doesnt work? How do you disable the dialer? :huh:
  7. I used Resco Explorer and then I did restarted the device as well. Ular King, anyway no probs. May be it just doesnt work with my ROM (and some more). Would have loved to have that dialer on my phone but bad luck! ;) :huh:
  8. It doesnt work for me either. When I press on the call button after replacing the file (after renaming it of course), no dialer appears. I tried HTC v2 and v3 both. I am using PDA Jd3, CSC jd5, Phone JD1. Any solutions?
  9. :huh: no worries. Lemme know if you happen to find out the solution. I will explore too.
  10. No luck. I installed that cab, changed the registry setting but I cant still unlock my phone with the long-press of unlock key. i have to push the lokc button on screen.
  11. I am using http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...reen-on-wm-6-5/ this lock screen cab and the screen is not getting unlocked with pressing unlock button. Should I use jeffrey2000's lockscreen cab instead? Let me know.
  12. I have Omnia 2 i8000. Doesnt seem to work with that. Any registry tweak needed?
  13. If I use this lockscreen, does the device get unlocked when I long-press unlock key?
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