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  1. OK, Here's my scenario: I rooted and unlocked my phone, I'm screwed I know, but I just want to install the stock ROM to get everything working again. What I usually do is download (or bake) a ROM and go into AmonRA, backup, wipe data, and then I flash the zip ROM. I'm downloading the ERD79 zip file, I think that's all I need, is it? Anyone can guide me on how to install the stock rom? All I need to do is flash like I always do? or do I need to do something else? Thank you
  2. The exact same thing happens to me, I leave in Henderson, NV but at home it tells me I'm in Enterprise, which is about the same 6 miles away. What gives? Take a look at the picture from Latitude History. My home is the right one and the other weird one (which I've never been to) is on the left.
  3. I actually did cook mine without friendstream. Thank you, I'm going to bake a new one. Should I go r22 and try that one or should I just go r21?
  4. I need some help. I installed r22 and after that my phone started acting up REALLY BAD. I had to get the APN settings in there, but still after that my phone never stopped syncing up my email and contacts, it had that sync icon up there for about a day, and never got any emails, I wiped and installed a new bake of r21, and it looks like it's syncing forever. Any ideas? Did I screw up my phone? Please help.
  5. OK, about the kernel, I'm new to the whole kernel thing, but does anyone else thing it's really weird that the desire kernel file is called bravo....tar.gz? There's another link on the site for the Hero I think that the file is called desire....tar.gz. Is it me or is everyone passing around the wrong file?
  6. Did you do a Wipe before flashing Ar22? Maybe that would help.
  7. T-Mobile (USA) Signal Stregth: -87 dBm 13 asu Network Type: EDGE 3G Performance Issue: ALWAYS
  8. OK, this is driving me crazy. I was able to get the kitchen, eventually, and I baked a ROM, TWICE, and after downloading the file (1 hour each) I check the MD5 which appears on the file name and on both instances I get a mismatch. What's up with that? Should I still try the ROMs I was able to download even though the MD5 doesn't match? What should I do? Thanks, VB
  9. Is there any problem with the online kitchen? I can't seem to load the first page of this post. Help?
  10. Looks like you did what I did, I baked my ROM with both Stock Contacts and HTC Contacts. It's showing both, if you configure HTC Contacts to be your default, the other one will go away eventually. If it's too annoying for you, bake a new one.
  11. I hear you dude. I just want to see what they come up with next.
  12. Right. I misread your comment. Sorry about that.
  13. Probably not many, he's on vacation remember? He also said he wouldn't have any internet access.
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