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  1. Same problem regarding Scandinavian letters on qwerty-keyboard, so I went back to original ROM :) Please let me know if you find a solution for this.
  2. So I can use norwegian letters on my keyboard if I keep my csc?
  3. trulsn

    Sense 2.5.2016 ROM (6.5)

    Thank u for tips. But, I ment the physical keyboard on my b7610. I assume FingerKeyboard is an onscreen keyboard? (This rom isnt multilanguage?)
  4. trulsn

    Sense 2.5.2016 ROM (6.5)

    Will my keyboard with the norwegian letters work with this ROM? Its ok to use an english ROM but I need the norwegian letters...
  5. Does this support Norwegian? Multilanguage?
  6. Hi. Just wonder : Did you get a choice to select language/country when flashing this ROM? Need Norwegian ROM :(
  7. Norwegian supported in this ROM?
  8. Is Norwegian supported in this ROM? Will norwegian keyboard function?

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