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  1. thank you so much! is this rom CFC compressed?
  2. no solution :P Edit home layout only works with GTX theme on omnia maybe because the creater of GTX did some tricks on CHT... you can check this post if you really wanna edit you home layout
  3. thanks anyway it's not a important error anyway :huh: i flashed almost all of your roms and wait for your next version ;) hope it's a 6.5 version~
  4. hi shadow this error always happens in some of your roms when i run some apps(eg: rapid81's WaPaC and HDwall) can you fix this? thank you so much!
  5. 1. Edit lock screen and home layout don't work---it only works with GTX theme...really weird 3. Touch player has many bugs and don't work---i can't live without Touch player hope someone can fix this~ 4. Battery usage is too much---just change the performance from high to auto or normal..i think the speed is still fast after doing this..
  6. the GTX rom is very very beautiful but still has some bugs here's my home tab and waiting for next version~
  7. hi Ryrzy ~any update about M2D version?thx!
  8. yes i found that...i can live with that :( but of course the previous RC versions are better...
  9. that's weird ... i flashed this rom and i think it's good :( no obvious bugs here~ looking foward to the fixed final 6.5 :( by the way just find a weird thing :i can use the GTX theme perfectly but i can't use CHT separately... any solution???thx!
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