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    Root Orange Hero

    I have no problem in getting in Airplane mode. But it does not work anyway. Thanks
  2. Hi there, I would like to root my hero. It is locked to Orange UK. I don't have a sim card. When the phone boots the configuration wizard just starts and it asks me to insert the SIM card. It does not let me access any phone options. So, I can't enable USB debugging. I am not in UK, so it will be hard for me to get a Orange SIM. Is there any solution besides trying to find a Orange sim card, or paying for an unlocking code? Any solutions? Thanks :huh:
  3. Can anybody translate this? 更新-HTC Legend軟體無線更新 我們將於8月3號開始提供HTC Legend無線軟體更新,系統會陸續送出更新提示,當您收到系
  4. Hi! Is there any ROM with Portuguese yet? I mean, without installing morelocales. Thanks ; :(
  5. It looks like that Legend is out of the list of phones that will receive 2.2. From the ones that have already been released by HTC, maybe only Incredible and Desire will get the 2.2 update. That sucks, since Legend is a very recent mobile phone. Although HTC didn't say that Legend was excluded, they don't say that it will have it. If it was to have it, they would tell us, since the Legend sales would increase.
  6. Thanks mate. That one does not have English UK or English US. Only English from non English speaking countries. In any case, I am really trying to find a ROM with European Portuguese. Thanks anyway.
  7. Well, that is what I always did (using the phone as a drive) and had no problem so far. I think that I can't use that ROM because it will be a downgrade, and downgrade is not possible. Thanks for your info :P
  8. So, I assume it will only be possible to install another stock rom if it has a version similar or higher than the one I have, right? Does anybody know of any ROM WWE for Europe, version 1.31? Thanks
  9. Does not work for me, although I have created the Gold card. I've got an error related to the boot version :P I believe that flashing with a stock rom is the only way I'll have new locales/keyboad languages. The rom I have doesn't even have English - UK/US. I think that ROM 1.23 may have English-UK and, maybe Portuguese. I have rooted with 1.31 R3. I don't think that the approach presented here is fully replacing the ROM because I still have the same Locales I had before rooting. The rooting processes used here is replacing just some files. That is my guess. Just let me know something. You didn't downgrade, right? You already had 1.23 installed, only branded. Then you replaced it by 1.23 unbranded, right?
  10. You have to go back to the previous menu and then you'll find something that has to do with flash from SD. I don't remember the exact words, but I had to do something like that.
  11. Yep, you just need the last release. Just run the files according to your Operating System.
  12. I have created the goldcard and, then, I tried to downgrade from 1.31(rooted) to 1.23 WWE, but I get "Bootloader version error" :P Why?! Can't I?
  13. I also tried to downgrade to that stock rom to check if it has Portuguese locale, or at least English from UK or USA, but I get the same error. I have created the goldcard and tried to flash it from fastboot and from htcSync modes. Are there other stock RUUs? Thanks
  14. Hi, When I am writing SMS using accented characters (e.g. á à í è) the phone will convert the whole SMS to unicode. That makes each character use two bytes instead of only one byte. Obviously, when that happens each character will count as two. The result is, for example, that a SMS with 81 characters will be reported as having 162, and the message being break into two SMS, when one would be more than enough. I'll be charged for two SMS :P Does anyone have the same problem? Is there a fix? Thanks PS: it has been reported here: http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=6522
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