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  1. moonie17

    Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 refresh official!

    Are you sure its 16gb and 32gb? The press release states otherwise? This is for the Nexus 4 btw
  2. I've flashed the trinity kernel from over at xda.... Massive improvement no slow down ever!
  3. moonie17

    CM9 (ICS) for O2X

    You need to download Gapps mate, google it and choose the one for 4.0.3!
  4. moonie17

    ICS source released

    Really looking forward to getting ICS on my 2X just installed it on my old hero! must say that i am impressed!
  5. Thanks for all your hard work Paul! my best tenner ive ever spent ;)
  6. Hi all, Been busy recently so haven't had the chance to jump on Gr4 yet, still on Gr3 and wondering if a wipe is still necessary when upgrading? Cheers all.
  7. Hi all, Another issue, when using switchpro widget the option to turn of data doesn't work. That is all :)
  8. Not me :) my alarm worked fine this morning, this was the stock Google one btw
  9. Must say that this is one nippy ROM! extremely impressed :) Only issue ive encountered so far is the battery issue that everyone else is having!
  10. moonie17

    Sorry for silly Newbie Question

    Nope no wipe required, if you want you could wipe cache but its not manditory :P just flash over the top!
  11. moonie17

    Sorry for silly Newbie Question

    Woops just checked the thread, if you do it the old fashioned way it gives root access :unsure: hehe
  12. moonie17

    Sorry for silly Newbie Question

    Just an FYI you dont need to root the phone before flashing Clockwork, by doing it using Pauls way it gives the phone root in the process,
  13. First thoughts..... very snappy, boots quick, a lot less lag when installing apps.... i like!
  14. Just had my first random reboot, related to the new baseband maybe?

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