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  1. don't forget the design.. if i was acer i would make an ICS update for metal after several months after start of selling Glow, cause i would push the metal selling too ;)
  2. no try to read pinned topics u'll find all the answers u need)
  3. just install the last official firmware and u r back on warrenty ;)
  4. c'mon, lens - relax, stop insulting people :) everybody knows that u r a great developer and this is a modification of YOUR rom, u pay too much attention to such things.. u'd better complete ICS and u will be simply the BEST ;)
  5. read the first post carefully u need AmonRa recovery 2.2..
  6. sometimes i had this bug when using 1.3a kernel ;)
  7. after some testing i can say that this bug is in this kernel..don't know what exactly causes ''call hanging'', but this bug appears after some time using this kernel..3-4 people have already reported about this bug on Russian forums..
  8. bravia engine hack doesn't do anything..tested and it's useless as for beats audio, dolby mobile gives much better sound..
  9. yep, it's Cloud.. but i don't think the look of Acer UI will be different on these two phones.. agreed, our Acer UI is much more interesting..buttons are truly horrible))
  10. Glow is nice :) and that's suppose to be the new Acer UI?)
  11. yesterday installed 1.3а, played with it... set 245Мhz GPU, 806Мhz CPU, voltage left as it was.. just called my wife and the call hanged by itself during a minute at any time, tried several times and it allways hanged..i installed the t&l boot, deleted SetCPU and Liquid MT Control an everything is back to normal.. interesting, what could be the problem?
  12. just played with latest kernel.. Nenamark1 easily went on 384Mhz and here is Top-10 :) Neocore went only on 368Mhz.. p.s. stock kernel Nenamark1 - 36Fps, Neocore - 43Fps
  13. relax) don't start a holy war it's not so clear from ur first photos there will be different versions of Cloud? maybe with h/w keyboard?))
  14. yes, cause Cloud doesn't have 4 touch buttons in the bottom and phone on video has
  15. but in this video we are looking at Acer Glow
  16. 4shared is down, if it will have the same fate as multiupload then i'll upload to other place)
  17. lgcmn

    [ROM 2.2] t&l

    sorry, but i, by mistake, have deleted all zips.. :( if someone has smth u can upload it here or else and i'll edit first post)
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