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  1. Nice, this will be something to play with. As there are no decent teams playing tonight.
  2. I am not getting in trouble over the tweets you favoring them am I? I did my best to not sound too sour.

  3. Why does the biggest selling game ever BO2, have to be so bad in single player. Same disjointedness, same bugs. If it wasn't for multiplayer

  4. "@IJSP8: Time to route out this Prick ! http://t.co/MWWbYqfu" what a twat...

  5. Had mine a week, not permrooted yet. A little worried this time as there is no UK Tmobile RUU or rom available for me to fall back on should I root and change the rom. Just using a temp root at the moment for Titanium back up from my std desire (did have DHD rom installed, but now unrooted so the wife can use it). All apps and data did install fine, no force closes. If anyone knows where I can get the Tmob UK radio 12.28b.60.140eU_26.03.02.26_M rom from that would be great. Then I can install the Modaco Rom.
  6. Mine works. Although it aint good for much, I would rather stream movies to my phone. However for that I use UPnPlay, it is really good. Finds it hard streaming MKV, just make sure you have Divx + installed on your PC. If you have 360 as a Media Center Extender it recognises that, whilst on the network it works as a remote control for it which is really cool. Also, selected under MCE I was able to watch as well as control what was playing on the 360. Must use Media Center Extender though. If you have a play around you will get it to work.
  7. I updated with RCmixHD V.14 today. I also installed RichardTrip v5f kernel, for the battery life apparently it is the best, running at 1113mhz. V13 was giving me 4 hrs of battery life and terrible lag. I have a 1gb ext. I am using radio I did a quadrant test, normally I hit anything between 1300 and 1600 (I don't really mess with it that much), this time it hit a 2023 score. I nearly wet myself. So far all is running great, battery life is at 97% and I stopped charging the phone 2 hrs ago, that is a good start. All I would say is roll on the next MCR with HD, if it is like this with all the MCR touches it will be great.
  8. Maybe because I was playing with the camera for a bit too much then.
  9. I have been using this rom for a while , as I had nothing but problems with the R9. The rom is very good, it does remind me of Paul's roms in the fact that it is very fast and stable. Now with the camera fix though, the battery doesn't even last 8 hrs. If Paul is going to do the R10 with HD, you know your going to get the best rom, that is until I get the Desire HD. For that reason I am in.
  10. I am sorry I don't like all this Paul is God business. :) CANTONA is God. :) The new update will be worth the wait. Good things come to those that wait. Keep up the good work Paul.
  11. To be fair I have not had much chance to use the permanent recovery (amonRa) I installed. When Paul updates the R9 or starts the R10, I will give it a go.
  12. No real reason, just that I am used to it.
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