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  1. This method still works on a boot loop after I removed some system files. Thanks a lot for this help!
  2. That was a good one greenonion, sure made me laugh. I still have no phone and still depressed about my b7610, but now my option are open, at least up to what my budget would allow. Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot guys, I'm quite familiar with windows mobile 6.x, but I'm willing to try other OS as well. So I guess the next question would be which OS do you think would be better to use?
  4. Hey guys, I'm really depressed that I lost my B7610. I have to get another smartphone, what do you suggest should I get? It's not that I don't like my B7610, I love it after tons of customizations and even more help here. In fact I'm still considering to get another B7610. But I just want to get the best value for my money. So what do you think?
  5. My first time to upload, here you go. I just hope I'm doing this right :huh: Oh man! "Upload failed. You are not permitted to upload this type of file" Sorry man, i don't know what that means
  6. I've tried several full roms and each one has its upside and downside. Now let's see the opinions of all full rom users here. What do you think is the best full rom so far for our beloved b7610?
  7. Here's what I do. If say a contact named John Doe has two mobile numbers, I make two contact entries, i.e. John Doe and John Doe 2. That way I'm able to use both mobile numbers for sms or mms :angry:
  8. five days after flashing everything from this rom, I'm beginning to consider going back to jc2. This rom is eating more memory than the previous jc2 rom. Are the bug fixes in this rom really significant vis-a-vis the bigger memory requirement?
  9. I haven't tried with other mobile phones. Laptops have no problem surfing though. The settings are as you said it should be already. So I guess I have to dump this cheap cdrking router for another if i want to surf with my omnia at home huhuhu. Thanks kabayan!
  10. Oh yeah! We are all crazy and we update our phones here. And I did not even make a back up or dumped my previous rom bwahahaha :lol:
  11. Thanks Sumit and jrtancinco. I finally flashed everything, eboot, csc and mst. You're right jrtancinco no problem so far with smart network in my case. I simply dont know how to dump the csc part, in fact I don't have any backup of my previous rom and csc hehe. I guess I'll be stuck with this one for a while. jrtancinco you are right, no noticeable change in this rom. But I still cannot use opera or internet browser though I can connect to my cdrking wireless router here at home. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Sumit if i'm using english language cause i'm from philippines like jrtancinco, should i also flash the csc from this rom, also the eboot? I read the warnings in the ither posts not to flash the csc and eboot part if not sure. Well, i'm not exactly sure hehehe. Thanks
  13. Is there a way to make this menu show propertly in landscape mode? in case you want to slide out the keyboard while on it. But I like this menu better just the same. Thanks! ;)
  14. Hey guys, I'm relatively a newbie on windows mobile 6.5, i practically lived with palm os before. I tried to exclude folders from the samsung photo using the registry tweak from omnia 2 as posted here (ExcludeFolders) but it didn't work. Has anybody successfully done this in b7610? I'm using stock rom B7610NXXIL1. Thanks guys!
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