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  1. OK! Thanks for the info....then a side question. I am using a samsung omnia i910 windows mobile 6.5 with 23558 (waremike, titanium version). I then installed IPhoneToday v1.5.2 and it looks great. However, it does not automatically come up as home screen (even when i select it as the default on the start/settings/home under 'Items' tab). It does work if i select IPhoneToday in the Task Manager and then click on 'Switch To' in the Menu. If that's all there was to it, I would not mind but i find that if i run certain applications (like SPB Weather, Garmin Mobile, etc) that the application page starts from the top a little ways down. Therefore, there is a gap between the top menu bar and where the application starts at the top. The background of the iPhoneToday is seen in that gap between the top menu bar and the application screen. It seems like that application page (for certain applications) need to be "centered" or adjusted up. However, most of the applications work ok (ie, there is no gap between the top menu bar and the application screen). Can someone please explain and let me know how to get rid of this gap? THanks!
  2. Based on recommendation from the experts, I upgraded to DC22 and I installed Waremike's ROM (titanium version) onto my Samsung Omnia i910. I then installed IPhoneToday v1.5.2 and it looks great. However, one thing is that the Start button is on the bottom left side of the screen and this row on the bottom is taking up a lot of space and thereby crowding the rest of the screen. Is there anyway to move the Start button to the upper left hand corner like I had it before or make it (and the bottom row) temporarily disappear until i need it??
  3. Thanks for the info! Is it necessary to update the rom as I'm perfectly happy with what I got except for the items that I listed at the beginning? I've really never realized the fact that the version I have is full of bugs because it seems to run fast and reliably. If I update, then I have to reinstall all the programs, shortcuts and customization that I did before. However, if updating will solve all of the issues, I will do it. It just seems that there should be way to switch volume/vibrate/volume. And can anyone tell me where the bubble notification icon/symbol resides in what directory? I would like to change the design of the notification icon/symbol. I'm currently using iPhone Today 1.5.2. I prefer the icon format vs others where you have to slide to get to the item that you want (I always end up passing or not going enough when I try to select things). Thanks!
  4. Hello all! I really enjoy this forum and I read it daily to see what I can use from it! :+) However, I've been searching for several days now on things that I really need and I must have been tired where I must have missed it. If you could help out this poor noob, I'd really appreciate it! I have a Samsung Omnia i910 (Windows Mobile 6.5 using Adrynaline ROM CF03.20961) and I am using iPhone Today to try to do the following... * I would like an icon that I could press that would switch from volume to vibrate to volume. I tried using mortscript and utilizing posts that I have seen without much success. For example, I tried sjToggle (among others) where I placed VJVolubilis.exe and sjToggle.ini (after altering to reflect the paths to the unzipped binaries and the iReflect icon-directory) into my iPhoneToday directory on my cell. THen I changed IPT icon names to point to the volume_toggle.png in the iReflect-directory for the 'Image:' and point to the voltoggle.mscr for the 'Execute:'. When I then press the icon, it says that another script is running. But I don't know of any other script running. I've also tried other mortscript scripts but I couldnt get any to work. Please help and let me know if I am doing something wrong or if there is an easier way to get this function working. * I would like to have the bubble alarm notification placed on my icon that display the time. Is there any way to do this and how do we go about changing the bubble alarm notification image/design (or any other bubble notification design) anyways? *I have wrestled and wrestled with trying to get my battery indicator icon to display in less than 20% increments as well as have the icons change color as the battery level goes down lower. I have a Samsung Omnia i910 (Windows Mobile 6.5 using Adrynaline ROM CF03.20961) and I went through the following without much success. post 1948 (j101399j) forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=508429&page=195 as well as (Chancer63) forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=4386463&postcount=65 as well as (Holdemdogg) forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=4308712 The only one I got working was the last one by Holdemdogg with regard to the icon changing color but it still changes in increments of 20%. Looking for something that does not use a lot of battery power and something that works for me!! THANKS ALL!!!!

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