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  1. <br><br><br>do you mean that you haven't any problems cause you made a 5 GB ext4 file system ?<br>if this is true then maybe just maybe the problem isn't with beta it self but the problem lays with mounting the 6GB storage<br>
  2. is there any solution for the lag problem in incoming calls
  3. new beta is working almost perfect although i have 2 problems first when some one calls it takes too long for screen to wake and some times freezes but this might be due to ext4 partition im not sure i will create a new one in sd card just to test does anyone else have the same problem ?
  4. we wait devs have to upload it and create a new threat i guess voyteckst will write a small guide or how to for new user so i estimate that it will take at least 2 hours :)
  5. here in Greece we prefer amstel i have 12 waiting in the fridge
  6. on ubuntu laptop in one hand sg2 and in the other i8000 ready for the new release
  7. although i do have SG2 now i check every day waiting for new beta just to give life to my omnia II which dying in my drawer hope the dev team to release new beta soon but i will be just happy if they solve the sleep issue
  8. it will finish some day O2 its much more better phone
  9. this is probably caused by setcpu or apps like that mine last almost 2 days with some wifi 3g and gaming if i have 3g on it last about 24 hours
  10. :rolleyes: i still have my omnia2 up and running and having new phone only means one thing more "space" to play with 02 and android and compare i prefer O2 with a stable android with any other phone any day of the week and for anyone that is thinking to go to S2 i have to say to think it twice the phone is to big and probably will have to use both hands
  11. i think its time (for me at least) to learn Korean or Chinese :P
  12. :P)--> QUOTE(lol = :rolleyes: @ May 21 2011, 11:26) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Second thing I did was install CPU MASTER from the Android market set the scaling to performance, place the minimum MHZ clock to 266 tick apply on boot then BAM! No more SOD <_< yes but how long your battery last ? i did have sod but for a week now i haven't experience any first i switch off the phone on winmo and i stopped using Fancy Widget ( which i think was the main reason for SOD) after 19hours i have 60% battery
  13. u have to unmount sd card first install the game remount sd card

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