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  1. friends after I changed the language of my ROM to EN recebom not alert when I receive an SMS. Can someone help me?
  2. I'm friends with the problem of no screen alignment film and use it as insensitive. How do I change the registry to align the screen and increase the sensitivity?
  3. Another question is if I upgrade the ROM from HTC since they do not use the network of T-Mobile? And what is the latest ROM version and what is most recommended? Now appreciate the help!
  4. Friends recently did the ROM update from T-Mobile and after the update I noticed that the screen was less sensitive and a bit out of calibration. Is there any way to adjust this via registry? Or someone has another solution?
  5. Rodrigo congratulations for the fine work on this ROM. But you know how I can solve the problem I'm having the application of twitter when I post a message or replicate the buttons do not show sources. Or they are blank. Although Brazilian wish good luck to his country in Africa. :huh: If anyone can help!
  6. Friends please help me. I'm trying to download the ROM and I can not. When I click on DOWNLOAD NOW he sends back to the site MoDaCo. Can someone teach me where can I download?
  7. Staff in this new ROM resolved the problem of the app on Twitter as names blank in RT or REPLY? And how do I solve the problem of WI FI? I can not run it connects but never logs on the network. Hug from Brazil to all forum.
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