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  1. I'm guessing you mean on to 'my storage'... search around mate the instructions have been posted at least 50 times in here. I'm not trying to take the piss on you mate but thats the reason why this topic is so big coz ppl keep on asking the same questions again and again even after its been answered... and it is kind of frustrating!!! Tell you what though.... I've uploaded a screenshot of this forum pointing out where u can find some help!!! and this is for everyone who don't know how to search!!!! cheers!!!!
  2. Give the instructions on Post #3154 a go and see if it helps any. :D
  3. Just tell us exactly what ur doing mate and we'll try to sort it... remember "exactly" :D
  4. G'day fellas Just installed the latest update... all I can say is it's freaking sweet.... good on ya Devs!!!!! One suggestion regarding the installation for people running it through my storage... here is what I did 1. Copy the update files to my storage 2. Open ubuntu (I'm using VMware) 3. Open the o2bupdate.tar.gz and just drag and drop the files in their respective locations in the ext partition (if u get the permission denied error use this command in the terminal : sudo chown username:username /media/disk where username is your username in ubuntu and disk is the name of the ext partition) 4. Unplug phone and boot Haret Cheers :P
  5. Haven't tried voice kb yet... but have installed swype and it's working like a charm ;)
  6. Installed snes and played mario brothers and street fighter.... awesome!!!!!!!!!! but since its resistive cant do multitouch :lol:
  7. G'day folks... I was just thinking about the original android post.. anyone heard from that Brian guy from Africa??? I'm sure NOW he'll be able to release a samdroid version!!!! :lol: lol cheers all
  8. G'Day all!!! # First things first... having followed the original post since it's early days it's indescribable to see android running on my O2.. A bonza effort by the dev team (Almar, Sandor and PHJ) thanks so much guys... U GUYS ROCK!!!!! # After installing all the updates I've had my O2 running for about 8 hours with no issues at all... no freezing no wake up issues. # I have made and received calls, sent and received txts, played angry birds, used ping chat, YouTube, Facebook and Google maps.... so all in all I can use it on a daily basis. # I noticed that the security protocol of the router plays part in the connectivity of WiFi... I was on WEP initially but after switching to WPA/WPA2 PSK I have had no issues at all. "I'm on speedfrog's latest lite rom (thanks mate!!!) with dual boot installed, 2 gigs of storage and 1 gig of storage card." Cant hardly wait for the Froyo update ;) Cheers!!!!
  9. g'day fellas, just installed the cookie energy having issues with the white squares... also after about 3 hours the ram is at 36MBs is everyone facing the same issues???? cheers P.S. awesome rom NRGZ28!!!! good on ya mate!!
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