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  1. open core player --->Menu--->Tool--->setting---->Video------>video output -----> GDI TRy it
  2. I want to try your rom but Palringo very important for me to chat with my friend wait for next rom thanks
  3. use your rom for a while so I have to say this is my rom that I never had before Thank you very much for great sharing
  4. which one on your mobile The Hybrid or GA Rom ?
  5. Thanks but I hate htc senes I prefer spb mobile shell wait for next version
  6. I confirm this rom so cool .Thanks again mr.daskalo. but it possible to change sumsung menu bottle to standard menu or another programs .sorry for my broken english .I am from Thailand
  7. I try to download but can not success could you upload another web. Thanks
  8. ืnow I use Megalite 23568 But for me Megalite 23566 a little bit faster
  9. Thanks Daskalos .I use 6.5.5 ROM build 23566 and if 23568 more faster I will change to try it .Downloading now.
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