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  1. Did you have a full charge on the battery before you flash?
  2. Thanks Pep for the Lite v5! Any suggestions on themes that would run well with your Lite v5? Pure black looks very cool, but I personally prefer some graphics over pure black. By the way, I'm running the Lite v4, and can't locate the "flash light". Is it removed in v5 as well? Do you have a cab for it?
  3. @Robert - thanks! The cab works perfectly for switching off Threaded SMS @Nil - thanks for your help. I tried your method but for some reason when I click open a SMS, the word "conversation" is not tappable... Anyways, Robert's cab file worked great for me. So I guess I'm all happy now
  4. Thanks Robert, will give it a try when I get back home. On the fly means no need to reboot?? That'd be awesome
  5. Any step-by-step instruction? For the other ROM's (theKevster DC22 23563, stock WM), I could do this by going to Setting -> System -> Text Message, and disable the conversation mode. But Pep's Lite V4 ROM doesn't even have this "Text Message" icon under the System folder. Any other ways I can do this? Would appreciate a step-by-step instruction. Thanks.
  6. Quick question - for the lite V4, how can I turn off "conversation mode" for text messages?
  7. @Robert, are you using the latest upload from kev? Or the previous V2?
  8. Thank you Kev. You cook one of the best ROM's I've ever used. I have an annoying problem with the earlier DC22 23563 Titanium. On two occasions, I had my phone completely crashed to the point where I have to poke the reset button. It went like this: I was typing a SMS but decided to cancel it, the text messaging program would then become stuck and crash my phone. I was able to open up Task Manager, but upon ending the Text Messaging program, it would then just totally crash the phone. The 1st crash occurred with zero 3rd party programs installed. The 2nd crash happened today, and I only have Swype 2.0 installed now. Any idea on possible fixes to this issue? @Kev, did you happen to touch upon any text messaging related issues in your latest 23563 ROM?? If so, maybe I should give it a try. But I'm kinda reluctant to flash it again, because the previous 23563 is just too good :rolleyes: Thanks a lot.
  9. Have you tried the latest 23563 ROM from thekevster?? I've been using his latest ROM and it's been pretty good for me
  10. Here's a free hex editor you might wanna give it a try http://www.hhdsoftware.com/Products/home/h...ditor-free.html You mentioned a good point about "profiles". I couldn't find a flasher with specific i770 profile, and not sure how much is it gonna affect the flash. But since my phone is dead anyways, I might as well just give it a try. But need a valid .img file first. By the way, is there a way to enter "emergency mode" if my i770 is now stuck at the Samsung boot-up logo?
  11. I followed the guide from Adrynalyne, but still could not get a valid .bin or .img file In addition to UMDL, I'll also try Mirage_LV, which is for flashing i780
  12. I need some help to get the .IMG out of the Samsung firmware updater. Here's the link. http://ars.samsung.com/customer/usa/jsp/fa...mp;AT_ID=233819 I would like the CE07 if you have it. If not, DB05 the latest version is OK. In short, the reason I need it is because I bricked my i770 during firmware upgrade. I would like to try to flash it with some Samsung flashers. Please help me out on this. Thanks a bunch!!
  13. Really sorry for thread crapping, I need some help for extracting out the general .IMG from a Samsung i770 firmware. Here's the link: http://ars.samsung.com/customer/usa/jsp/fa...mp;AT_ID=233819 I bricked the i770 with a bad flash now it stucks at the Samsung screen. I need the .IMG file so that I can try to flash it with different Samsung flashers. Again, sorry for posting it here. I don't think I can get any help from the I770 subforum as this phone is losing popularity and people are not browsing much of that subforum. Please help me out. Thanks a lot!
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