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  1. ok, for change softkeys you can use Remap Softkeys. Always work :D for change menu look.. i have cab for list view but i didn't try it. So, there is a zip file with Remap Softkeys and List View cab for you.
  2. I think it's good idea if You add this to Your "Beginner's Guide... " :D As usual.. many thanks Ock :D
  3. http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...m/#entry1375699 Last post in this thread :D
  4. It's well known bug !! :D None of manilla builds don't work in lanscape mode correctly. Just use it in portrait mode only. For me G-Alarm never show alarms in M2D2 homepage. old ROM you mean wich rom??
  5. but it not set imported theme as default theme after first boot. but i'll work about...
  6. Ok, thanks for info. I'll make new fixed rom tomorrow, maybe today. UPDATE: MS Voice Command is not cooked in rom becouse of problems with BT headsets working with. Added files to install in rom.
  7. You can set this button to any action od program in settings>personal>buttons. For camera set ito to camera.
  8. it's not a bug, you're free to install any lock program you wish.
  9. Give me an one hour and i make it with office
  10. U.... nie rób siary bracie :D mało kto tu zna nasz rodzinny język. Raczej staraj się po pogańsku pisać. Pozdrowionka _________________________________________________________________ God looked at our posts, then sat down and wept .. Stable&FAST My WM6.5.x ROMs :)
  11. Today i upload a brand new build 23673 :)
  12. did you configure weather in settings?? tap weather and click settings..
  13. Także witam. Jest nas tu więcej, ale chyba rzadko kiedy się ujawniamy. Polskie modaco dopiero rozkręcamy, a póki co tutaj mamy prawdziwą KOPALNIĘ informacji, o znajomych nie wspomnę nawet. Modaco.com to legenda, trudno tu nie bywać. Jakby co, zapraszam na modaco, ale modaco.pl. Pozdrawiam.
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