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  1. Could U please upload top bar and Sense cab files? I can see that reduced PP make slower Sence. Also response for receiving calls! Only after 3rd ring on my Nokia I have incoming call notification in Samsung! I think i will install your cabs on GC_JE3_23662_Lite rom and it will be best combination for me! Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi all......for internet access solution found ! Just disable XTRA in GPS [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Samsung\RIL\GPS\XTRA] "Enable"=DWORD:1 change to 0!
  3. Really good job....But! I have 1 problem - as soon as I flash rom - on a first boot it's goes without asking me to the internet using GPRS/3G. I was wondering that's for the first time - but unfortunately not! Every time I reset or some times by it's own idea - phone goes to internet. I often on the Roaming rate ....so it's not accepted! Is it possible to fix this? 2nd - During calls volume goes to the 50% automatic. Even as normal is set to the full during 1st use - next time is the same 50%. 3rd - Memory flow....leaking down.
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