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  1. HE PEOPLES!! please help me if i update my facebook tab io only see my post status and my picture i dont see pictures of my friends :) its realistis then i see a status of my friends same as twitter tab??? THX!
  2. please help me why dont fuction letters as messages and some one ??? i have czech rom and i have czech mui and still dont fuctin please help me
  3. problem is : i have czech rom and i like it but this is 6.5 i dont know if is old or not... Ej and flashing omnia 2 is same asi omnia i900? :huh:
  4. its not working the samsung today when it is actived not display ....
  5. Hi please help me i have czech language and i have mui too i copy mui 2 muis to the windows folder and nothing working.... i dont have any subcribe MESSAGE, TIME nothing only icons without subcribe. Please help me what i doing bad?
  6. Hi everybody iám from Czech republic havy any got idea where is this from??? in english language??? http://sbmod.ru/ this roms are vissualy awesome! but i couldnt found it in english :-( do you know? thanx
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