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    OSD hd voice

    No, you and the phone you're calling both need to be on 3g and support the hd voice codec, it's automatic. It really was a noticeable difference, like a very good Skype connection vs a normal mobile phone call.
  2. runhidesurvive

    OSD Heat+screen

    I had a nasty patch where you describe on my first phone, started out grey, then turned into a bright orange blob when the phone was hot. I managed to get the handset replaced at an Orange shop, the second one is far better, but I still notice a distortion of the colours in the same area when the phone gets warm. I guess the Medfield chip just runs pretty hot and given that the phone is quite thin, there is some flexing and pressure on other components when things warm up.
  3. runhidesurvive

    ICS date?

    I've been with Orange for 15 years, and they have been consistently slow with their software updates, support have never known anything about them for any previous phone I've had and given that the SD hasn't exactly been a hot seller, I don't expect it to be any different this time round. Bitter experience has taught me not to hold my breath for 'promised' updates. If it happens at all, it'll be a bonus!
  4. runhidesurvive

    sikai silicone case arrived thoughts

    I've got the red one. Really impressed with it. If I was being picky I'd want a slightly tighter fit and/or a more rigid material but beggars can't be choosers.
  5. runhidesurvive

    Everyone's preferred apps

    Annoyingly, Netflix always comes back with the 'package is invalid' error. I thought it might have been fixed with the recent update but it's still not happening. I've emailed their support people about it. If anything worthwhile comes back I'll post it here.
  6. runhidesurvive

    OSD hd voice

    I had a surprise after calling my friend on his iPhone 5. The HD voice quality makes a huge difference. Just wish more phones supported it.

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