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  1. I installed VegaCream CR2 some time ago and today installed DroidMote Server on it. That doesn't work, whilst on another tablet it worked fine (so the client is okay). In the description of said program it says it requires a uinput module to be available in the kernel. I guess this is not available in VegaCream? Can anyone that knows about the kernel confirm this? Is there another version for our vega's that does contain uinput? Or a loadable module somewhere?
  2. Is there a VNC server that doesn't (try to) send the screen but instead just accepts input equipment? @dan: yeah, seen them, but I'm trying to keep it budget neutral, otherwise I might as well get me one of those pocket Android machines and be done with it.
  3. Darned. Tried a bluetooth peripheral, but VegaCream doesn't budge. It resets when I switch the BT on or off while wifi enabled and it won't find any remote. Something to look into before continuing I'm afraid...
  4. XBMC for android has not been released yet and won't support TEGRA2 according to the XBMC wiki. Further more, XBMC is a media machine, it won't provide access to other apps (youtube, twitter, imdb, mail, facebook, whatever...). USB requires wires (not wanted) and interaction to switch it to host if I'm not mistaken - or is there a method to switch it to host at boottime? Anyway, the vega (or actually, a PoV mobii) has a working bluetooth built-in, that's what I want to use anyway. VegaCream prolly doesn't have the drivers for a bluetooth mouse I assume. My Hero can serve as a bluetooth mouse, but so far I have not been able to get it to work with the tablet.
  5. My VEGA unfortunately suffers from a broken screen. It still works fine though. I was thinking to mount it behind my flatscreen TV and hook it up through the HDMI connection. I just need a way to control it though. Now, I also have an old HTC hero that I can use to control the vega with - all that is needed is software to connect the two. I tried using "tablet remote", but that crashes all the time. There are numerous apps to control a google TV, but those won't talk to my tablet running VegaCream. So, anyone have the tip for this?
  6. Thanks, I'll give it a shot! Edit: that seems to work great, thanks again!
  7. My POV Mobii runs VegaICS Beta1 and suffers from a problem that seems to be part of the Asus EEE Pad too: after it sits idle for a couple of minutes, it goes into sleep as it should. However, after some time (hours?) it shuts down completely. When picking it up and waking it, it boots from the ground up completely. Is there a way to have it stay sleeping instead of switching off completely? I don't care if it drains the battery during sleep, it just bugs me that it needs a minute or so before I can actually do something on it. This behavior was much better in VegaComb 3. Also, the wifi needs much longer to get up from sleeping state. When the tablet is sleeping and I wake it up, it first shows the WiFi connection is there, but after a couple of seconds it switches off. Than, after ten or twenty seconds, it comes up again. I am tempted to go back to VegaComb, but before I do: is there a way to change this in VegaICS?
  8. That is my post on XDA. Remarkable similar to my posts in this thread, isn't it? :D Anyway, the default OS on the vega afaik doesn't support USB host. Also, the app needs Android 2.3 or later and the vega never was delivered with any version > 2.2.
  9. I just tested the "Remote Release" app as per the description of DSLR controller and it doesn't work on my Point of View running Vegacomb 3.2n9 hooked up to my 5DII. Thus I do not think DSLR controller will work with it either. Two, just 2. The 10D has an old and crappy APS-C sensor. I'm no professional but just a weekend-warrior. Have been one for some 35 years now and always kept the machines I was happy with when buying new stuff. So yeah, there's quite some gear (analog as well as digital) in the closet in my studio :-D. Most of it is collecting dust though.
  10. I'll check it out tonight (10D, 5D, 5DII) and a POV Mobii on vegacomb ice. Stay tuned!
  11. Sounds like a faulty screen connection. I would return it for warranty.
  12. I'm a big fan of Freemake video converter. Easy, maybe not the fastest but gets results all the time.
  13. That is an overpriced piece of junk. 800 MHz, single core CPU, no bluetooth, wifi restricted to 802.11g, no GPS or 3G, 7" resistive touchscreen, no google market, no community efforts to get things up to date. Such a device should cost well below the $100 pricepoint. I'ld stick to advent vega, point of view mobii or another compatible device if you're shopping low-budget.
  14. My mistake, it's not under Editor's pick but "top paid" in the market app. All the way down, it says "Authentication required. Please log into your Google account". But I am logged in:
  15. I noticed something yesterday that may be related to this issue. Browse "editor's choice" or something similar on the market app, than scroll all the way to the bottom of the list. Just below the final entries, in small characters and in a slightly dimmed font, it says I'm not logged in. In the top however it mentions my account and I can see some apps that I've paid for but not installed - meaning that info is fetched from my account on the market place. Anyone else sees the same?
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