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  1. Someone can change the wallpaper in new CM, I can't change default picture to other????
  2. Now work Ok with new format ext4 on My Storage and new untar ext4.tar.gz to this partition. I think that was same error with process untar before ( I have same problem sometime before with froyo betas). Very fast and cool new beta. Thank you Dev. Team.
  3. Try to manual install to My Storage, Haret started and stop with screen ANDROID START ON OMNIA II, LOADING...... what is wrong???
  4. Is only beta version http://www.mediafire.com/file/348ffn2qobyiulz/MDict1.0-beta2.apk
  5. If you have a external SD card in phone, is 1p2 If you havn't a SD card in phone, is 0p2
  6. without SD Card you have type mmcblk0p6 in startup.txt
  7. I think, you must try for mmcblk0p6, Try and say, what is.
  8. FORMAT SD Card as PRIMARY PARTITION. I writed many times previously.
  9. Problem isn't in router, router usualy is set to DHCP, is right. Problem is in Froyo, start wifi, choose setting wifi, press cubic button and choose advanced setting. Now set to static and insert values for net ( in my post over). good luck
  10. Yes, I have My storage ( in FROYO is storage) and SD Card in FROYO as good as in WINMO. But is necessary to seting correct mount partition in init.rc
  11. SD Card format as PRIMARY PARTITION, that is right.
  12. I don't know, what is configuration of your router, if router have ip, that you must to insert in static wifi> IP 192.168.1.x x is another with 1 and in range 2..255, subnet mask>, gateway> and DNS> have you this config?
  13. Wifi not start or not connect to some net? For first start Wifi you must to try connect to some net 3,4 time, than wifi start.

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