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  1. Google just released 2.3 to developers and is supposedly already pushing out the update to Nexus One owners. Has anyone received the OTA yet? http://www.engadget.com/2010/12/06/android...xus-one-owners/ http://www.bgr.com/2010/12/06/google-publi...t=Google+Reader
  2. That's what I ended up doing as well. Thanks for replying though, I appreciate it.
  3. I just installed one of the kitchen-baked ROM's and everything seemed to go fine. I did the normal reboot into recovery, nandroid, wipe cache, install. The phone came back up, however I noticed that it said "no service" before I unlocked the screen. When I unlock the screen I get a Google prompt asking me if I agree to share my location, I hit agree and then the screen just goes black. I assume this is because the phone is stuck in a No Service mode and doesn't have a data connection. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd really like to avoid doing a complete wipe/factory reset.
  4. Anyone else having force close issues with exchange accounts? If I add an account and then open the stock mail application it will force close, then continue to force close until it eventually deletes my exchange/active sync account. This is with the new froyo Rom uploaded today. I had no issues on the previous froyo Rom.
  5. For those of you having MMS issues, I've found the easiest solution is to register as a premium member and then bake your own ROM with the standard messaging app instead of the HTC messaging app. I've tried every other solution I could find online and none of them worked. I was always able to send and receive MMS messages, but they were very low quality (~2k). This was if I tried using Handcent, different APN's, actually loading the stock ROM and backing up all APN's, then loading r21 and restoring APNs, etc. For reference this is on a Tmobile (USA) unlocked, etc. Nexus One.
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