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  1. I'm still hoping there would be an answer to my question. I'm curious if a bad boot to android might spoil the battery driver for both Android and WinMo. My phone has been getting seriously hot and unusable. I wish someone can answer my question.
  2. Recently my phone has been draining battery life and it's too drastic that when i charge, the battery life remains the same even though the status is charging. I don't know if it's a fact or not. But i kinda think that the partitions are causing the battery drain. I can't even delete the partitions as my micro SD is no recognized and unable to format it. Can someone out there able to answer this for me?
  3. Somehow vibration doesn't work anymore after installing the latest zImage and o2update file.
  4. Anybody out there able to use their full internal memory of 8GB of your Omnia II?
  5. Hmmm, Internal storage is available in the release. But my 8GB turn out to be 400MB anything i missed out? Or is it common? This thread is gonna become like the old one soon, way too big and hard to read. It makes people like me to be lazy to read all of them.
  6. It's rather smoother than Windows Mobile IMO. The only problem is the crash, once it's fixed. I'll be using Android 24/7.
  7. You didn't get my question, but this is a old thread already. I found out the problem. Yes i know about that. The point is, when i'm on GPRS sometimes it shows "Location unavailable" Instead of a blue dot in anywhere i'm near. Don't get what you mean. P.S: It's an old thread already, i don't really bother too much already. Thanks for the replies anyways
  8. From what i know, uZard can. I've been playing "Hotel City" through it when i'm out on the go.
  9. From what i know, uZard can. I've been playing "Hotel City" through it when i'm out on the go.
  10. Anyways to enable XT9 in Samsung Keypad? I can't seemed to enable it even thought i tapped on the XT9 button.
  11. Just wondering, how many free RAMs do you guys have after installing needed applications? I have 9MB, it seems too little, i can't multi task.
  12. EDIT : The bug is not a bug EDIT 2: Hey NRG, is the custom carrier text available for us to change? I get an error everytime i want to change it.
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