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  1. +1 !!! I saw the Mi-2 recently and my jaw hit the floor. It looks awesome and I believe they should be very hacker-friendly? Can you tell us how easy it is to run custom ROMs etc on the Mi-1 you have? If anyone knows where to get your hands on these phones in the UK, please let us all know. Is there any issues with taking this phone to this country with regards to radios/language etc? Thanks in advance all. :)
  2. Hi guys, I have a friend looking to spend no more than £100 on an android smartphone. I saw this and it looks like a great phone for the price. What's everyone's thoughts on it? Is there something better I should consider advising my friend to buy? Thanks in advance. :)
  3. You could try a factory reset? That would lose all your data etc though so prob a last resort. What state is the phone in now, can you use it at all? Or does it fail to even start up?
  4. http://matrixrewriter.com/wiki/tiki-index.php?page=TB+-+User%27s+guide#Restoring_your_messages ;)
  5. Hi all, I've recently updated my baseband to the 0622 version as described here: http://android.modaco.com/content/lg-optim...35-21-20110622/ Now, I'm giving Cyanogenmod 7.1 RC1 a try on my phone and seem to be having receprion issues. After doing some research, I'm thinking it must be related to having the wrong RIL installed. My questions are: 1. Am I right in thinking that RILs are generally installed along with a custom ROM? 2. How can I find out which RIL I currently have installed? 3. How can I copy/flash the correct RIL to my current setup? Thanks in advance. :blink: <ninja edit> Some further questions... 4. Are RILs/basebands affected by running different kernels? 5. Would there be an advisable baseband/RIL/kernel combo for a UK user on GiffGaff? Thanks in advance. :huh:
  6. Nice one, thanks. :D
  7. Hi guys, I just bought an Optimus 2X off ebay and its arrived in good condition etc. However, there was no HDMI cable in the box. Should there have been? Also, can anyone suggest a good place to buy a decent one cheap? Cheers, :D
  8. 2nd That-guy, giffgaff is really good. Think I might get one of these to play with before giving it to my mum. Look forward to seeing your deal Paul, as my membership just ran out... :P
  9. Hi guys, I was thinking about buying the O2X from Play at £330. Had just about come to term with the spend and went to buy it but the price has gone up again. Does anyone know of anywhere else selling it cheap? Cheers, Craig :P
  10. I would seriously miss the coloured trackball notification on my N1 if I upgraded. If its possible to have the key lights light up in different patterns depending on email/sms/im/call reciept, then it would certainly lessen the blow. :D
  11. All, I've been watching the threads in this forum subsection with interest. It seems that this phone is showing how it should be done with it being easily mod-able and obviously extremely quick. Is there any other phones like this (other than the Nexus S) that are as easily modded and with such nice hardware? I'm due to change my phone soon as my Nexus One has dust under the screen (again) so I'm thinking this looks like the top contender for my hard-earned... I just want to be sure there's not any other phones out there I should be considering. Thanks guys. :D
  12. This thread is sounding very interesting. I currently have a Nexus One but I'm getting dust under the screen (again) and I'm looking for a new handset. I'm very disappointed with HTC and co locking down their phones and I want to be sure I get the same level of freedom with my next phone that I've enjoyed with my Nexus. Do you guys think the LG O2X is the way forward? I must admit, from reading this thread it seems Paul thinks so. If so, I may order one soon... :D Thanks in advance :D
  13. Hi guys, I can whole-heartedly recommend giffgaff. I too was thinking "where's the catch?" but I've been with them for a few months now and everything works as it should. There's even a nice little app on the market that adds in the relevant APNs and lets you check your balances etc. If you're planning on trying them out, you can order a SIM through my account and we both get a free £5 credit. :D http://giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/airchie Also, their forums are extremely good for getting specific questions answered. :D
  14. Hi guys, My friend is looking to get a moto defy and is wondering what the best place to buy it outright is? He's probably thinking of using giffgaff so would need it sim unlocked. Thanks in advance for any advice. Cheers :(
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