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  1. I've been looking for a simple & straight forward method to silent all notifications (for calls, SMS, or all sort of notifications). In essence; something like iOS6's "Do Not Disturb" mode. The solutions I've seen or suggested are not what I would call convenient/set-it-and-forgeddit. Not even close to Apple's solution to DND mode. Yes, I know some of you will just say "why don't you just stick to iPhone then?" Well, I still do! Recently I've been forced to live with an Android, so might as well make the best of it! So far, I've looked at the Market apps (though I've only checked a dozen or so), they all do really complicated stuff! Way over the top, and most won't even work with the ROM I'm using (sorry, for not using MCR. I tried it; it's missing some stuff I really need). • Tasker is often suggested to me. Tasker is NUTS. Though seems super powerful, I'm a bit irked by the cost (I only need to do one thing with it) and the degree of complicated settings I have to fiddle with. • Quiet Hours in the ROM I'm using (not sure if that's native to 4.1.1?), simply doesn't work. I still get notifications coming in with this Quiet Hours on. Quiet Hours also don't manage phone calls. • Profiles in CyanogenMod's way of using Profiles. It's the classical approach to Profiles we all familiar with. It's lacking that white-listing in iOS6. Also, that twice-ring rule in three minutes is quite handy. This happened twice in the past month that someone really needed to get through to me, and their numbers aren't on my phone (or the numbers are often randomised; some dodgy SIP thing from overseas). • Llama is also overly complicated. Also doesn't treat callers/white listing the same way iOS6 does. I'm stubborn, but I feel like (and tested!) iOS6's DND mode is best fitted for situations like mine, I'm sure it would for others too. Unless I'm missing something, they're clearly not in the same level of simplicity and straightforward-ness (not even a word) as iOS6's. In case you're not familiar with iOS6 Do-Not-Disturb; I took the liberty of coming up with a mockup that would illustrate how it would (could, and should) be implemented in Android. I shamelessly ripped off Apple's UI patterns and turned it into an Android app mockup (not sure if it's legible to be called an app ;)). Apple's done it in three simple actions; you set this once and you don't ever have to fiddle with it again. Please don't sue me, Tim/Scott; I'm actually a fan of your work. Seeing how that mockup of mine is far from perfect, and potentially dumb, I'm gonna go back to my original question: What's your solution to making sure you don't get disturbed at night by drunk calls/stray notifications?
  2. Hey guys, Looking for an app/way to integrate "Group View" into dialers. Or perhaps a standalone application that can work with the native dialer/onedialer. What I meant by Group View, is a view that displays contacts that have been sorted into folders. Got clues?
  3. I agree. Martin & his team are great people. They really listen to their customers. They respond to emails quickly! Usually within 24hr. Great support & after sale.
  4. Hey Paul, just a quick question: Has the auto fire USB-Mount thing been fixed? Haha, I don't use BT, but would be nice to have a working auto-fire USB-Mount. It's not a biggie; I still much prefer speed/performance improvement.
  5. Sorry chaps, got more questions: If I were to push those wallpaper into my Nexus One, what's the proper directory for wallpapers?
  6. Yea, com.htc.app.HtcRingtonePickerActivity often appears on my end as well. I ended up choosing Android System as the default option whenever I see that selection pop-up appears.
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone with HTC Desire could pull the default & stock wallpapers (not Live Wallpaper). Planning to use them on my Nexus One. Thanks, Evan EDIT: Oh, I'd also like to request the rest of the default ringtones, alarms and notification tones. And if I were to push them into my device, what's the directory for the appropriate category? Thanks a bunch, guys! EDIT #2: As it turns out, I can 'pull' them out the MoDaCo Desire ROM Paul has been cooking. They're located at "/system/media/audio/…" So, I'm attaching them here, in case there are people who are interested in the files but do not have access to the ROM/device. I zipped the files, and I keep the directory as-is. The same condition as I pulled them out of the ROM from. EDIT #3 Can't upload the file using the forum's uploader, so here's a link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6ars5u Still looking the location for the default wallpapers in the Desire ROM so I could pull all of them out. HTC_Desire_Default_Ringtones_Notifications_Alarms.zip
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