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  1. Jesus! OCK's STILL workin' OMNIA roms??? Btw... how are ya, lads? Miss me? (Hahaha)
  2. Anyways, please, communicate with me, if you please.

  3. Greets, bro! How are ya?

    As you may know, I changed myself device (as you did) and I bought a HD2 Leo (TMOUS). I picked an "Energy" rom and I believe this rom series is probably the best (for my visual flavor & performance, of course)...

    The problem is... I wonna make some serious changes (in the rom but in the visuals too) and I want them "pre-cooked...

  4. Well, I'm trying anything for a month by now, to boost up my new Leo's system audio level. As much as I tryed (with WOWHD or others), I did it ONLY when I'm listening music. I want a volume booster in the entire Windows system - especially in notifications/rings... Any help?
  5. Go for it, mate! It's bloody marvelous! I can't tell you how happy I am! This SHOULD be the phone I had to buy in the first place...
  6. I did it! I replaced my i900 with Leo and it's... the BEST choice I ever did for mobile!
  7. I'm a happy owner of a T-Mobile (USA) HD2 Leo! The phone (used) came with a super fast/stable ANDROID rom, but... if I wonna have an Android phone, I would... buy one! I'm a strong TouchFlo3D supporter (that's why I made my i900... "HD2", as far as that could be possible). So, I want to FLASH (my first time in HD2; I'm "veteran" in Omnia) a good/fast/stable/not so "heavy" (with many apps) WinMo6.5.x rom with TouchFlo3D; also, I wonna be able to have Android in SD card and a Dual Boot prompt in the welcome screen. Can you tell me if THESE roms here are what I'm looking for? And... how can I flash these HD2 roms in Win7? (I don't wonna change to my other XP partition, because I have there the Omnia's utilities for flashing and I fear I'll mess-up everything!) Can you guide me up, please?
  8. Best OCK's rom & build so far is 23118. "Eclipse" or "GTX"; your choice.
  9. Thxs again! I found a sealed TMobile unlocked with... $300. But, I bought a short-used one, with... 200 pounds! I think, it will do. (If not, I'll buy the sealed with the $300).
  10. Thxs, mate - but I was talkin' about T-Mobile USA HD2 with warranty. I already found few "european" versions, sealed with warranty. Thk you very much for your search, though.
  11. Τhere aren't many HD2s with original warranty, bro. Find me one and I'll buy it! (Lol).
  12. I'm already ready to buy one HD2, mate. Thxs. Would be (probably) a USA T-Mobile (unlocked) from Sweden, with one year use. (Around... 170 pounds, full original box with original HTC "goods", plus some extras, with two OS - WM6.5 & Android last ver.!)
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