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  1. Thank you januskh. I have a different solution than yours and I thought I'd post it up as well. My problem was that my SMS notification would not ring. My HTC Touch 3G would ring when I had an incoming call or when there was a clock alarm, but not when I got an SMS. I looked at your solution and connected my phone to my computer, but could not find the ISPM folder that you described. So I did this instead: 1. Connect the phone to the computer using the cradle or USB cable. 2. Put the phone in "Disk Drive" mode. No need for ActiveSync 3. Go to my computer and enter your phone, which should show up as a removable storage drive 4. Click on Tools > Options > View > Show Hidden Files and Folders 5. Click "OK" 6. You should now see album.vol 7. Rename album.vol to album.vol.old 8. Restart the phone. 9. Go to your pictures in the album. You may not be able to see any pictures that you captured using the camera, but that's okay. 10. Restart the phone again and go to your pictures in the album. Now you should be able to see all your pictures. This is what worked for me since I couldn't find the ISMP folder. Cheers
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