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  1. @ydnarp Mabuhay! yes sir! it will remove the message sent tone as well.. and in case you missed your notification bubble and message sent tone, you can easily uninstall it..
  2. Greetings.. For those who are annoyed or for those who just like to remove the message sent notification bubble, Here's a cab file to remove it if ever you don't have one. All credits goes to Mr. Sorg who created it and a fellow Filipino named bratboo who posted this file in a Filipino forum where I got it. Hope it helps..Thank you!! :huh: Sorg_s_Remove_Sent_Notificatio.cab
  3. Congrats Sumit on your new ROM..hope to have more ROMs from you..thanks!!!
  4. Congrats Sir ErnstJanF on your first ROM..I hope I can also contribute in our B7610 community..
  5. Woohoo!! We have a new ROM cooker in the house!!!
  6. Wahh I really miss Sir Daskalos and his new ROMs releases... :lol: :D
  7. Glad to know that he just organizing his files...waiting for his return..Kudos Sir Daskalos!!!
  8. Indeed it was the saddest day B7610 users here had. I had the same thought of cooking my own rom and to share here at MoDaCO..but it happens, even though Im a Computer Engineering student, I dont have the talent in programming..hehe.. I was hoping that,in just a couple of the days,a new B7610 chef arise.
  9. As far as i get in your post Mr.bong..i believe this thread is somehow related to B7610..as well as,for us to appeal to Mr.Daskalos for him to continue his passion in cooking roms for us.. Sorry if i created a new post to know whats happening and to get the side of Mr.Daskalos regarding this issue.. I am not picking up a fight with you Mr.bong, but I really had a hard time getting your thoughts..Peace pare..Dont misinterpret my reply.
  10. Thanks,it was clear for me now..I feel sorry bout that..That Good News thread turns out to be Bad News..I think its a case of misunderstanding. Hope to see new chefs here at MoDaCo. But no one can ever replace Mr.Daskalos,if im not mistaken,as a pioneer of B7610 ROM cooking. Just like as the old saying the more the merrier,we will be more happier to have more ROMs to try. It would be more happier to have more chefs who are not competing but helping each other to make this forum and our gadget alive. Hope to keep the fire burning..
  11. Guys, do you know what happened? did someone messed up with Mr.Daskalos? I dont know what just happened and why he pulled out his works.. I am willing to donate to him for all his efforts..but it just happened that im still a student and does not have my own source of income...But if I can I will loved to. Sincere gratitude is all that I can offer for now.. Hope that Mr.Daskalos will continue to do his commendable works..
  12. Sir Daskalos,why your ROMS had been pulled out or in other words gone? Does this mean you will not continue to cook B7610 Roms.. I know all the users of B7610 here in MoDaCo will agree with me if I say that the whole B7610 community will be sad about this if your done cooking ROMS.. What does just happened Mr.Daskalos? But in part of all b7610 users,we thank you so much for letting us taste your delicious cooked ROMS.. We will miss you as well as your ROMs if it is so..
  13. Sir,why are you pulling out your ROMS?does this mean your done cooking ROMS? The whole B7610 community will be sad about this...Thanks anyway for letting us taste your cooked ROMS..

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